Udaan 12th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chakor arguing with Suraj. She says I m athlete and I can protect myself, you go your way. He says fine, if Bhaiya ji’s goons, I will not come to protect you. She goes. He follows her. She asks him to stop following her. He says I m going to take lift to go Aazaadgunj. She says I will go Delhi any way. He says fine, go. He sees a car coming and laughs saying a car is coming, its going to Aazaadgunj, I will get lift, I will go. The car passes. She laughs. He sits there. She sees a truck coming and asks for lift. The men see her and stop truck. Suraj sees the truck. Chakor asks them to drop her to Delhi. The man says sure madam, come, sit. Suraj stops her and says don’t go with them, they don’t look right. She asks him not to care and go Aazaadgunj. Suraj says yes but I did
not get lift, so I will go Delhi. She says you won’t get bus, I can protect myself, I m not delicate like other girls. He says I know you can’t be delicate and beautiful like other girls. She punches him and sits in truck. The man asks Suraj to sit at back, there is no place. Suraj agrees thinking I can’t let this foolish girl go with such men. He sits in truck’s back and thinks Chakor will trap us.

Chakor asks the men where are they going. Suraj asks her to stop nonsense, driver will get disturbed. She says everyone is not like that, you sleep, you are weak and drunk. He says fine, I will sleep, don’t disturb me. She says fine, sleep. He thinks what a problem, I have to stay awake for her safety. He feels sleepy. She talks to the men.

The truck stops. The papers fall. She gets the license and asks is this truck someone else’s. The man asks her to sit quiet. She asks how can you talk to me like this. The man aims gun at her. She shouts Suraj. The man shuts her mouth. Suraj wakes up and shouts stop the bus. The man says call Sir, did we catch the right girl. The man calls someone and describes Chakor. Chakor bites the man’s hand and asks Suraj to say what to do, don’t count my mistakes. Suraj says pull the keys. She gets the truck keys and shouts Suraj. The man says your lover has run away. She says he is not lover, he is my husband. The man says your husband has run away, who will save you now. Suraj gets inside the driver’s place and says I will save her, someone is needed to do your final rites. He beats the men red and blue. Suraj removes his shirt angrily, and beats up the men. Chakor smiles.

She says wine affect is gone, why. The man gets a rod to attack her. Suraj catches the man and hits on the man’s head. She says come fast before anyone sees us. Suraj says I m not marathon runner like you, I have ache, I can’t run, wait I will get jacket. He gets ache. She says let me see. He says its not time, I will run to try. She tears her dupatta and ties to his bleeding leg wound. He sees her. She says now bleeding will stop. He says we will go far before Bhaiya ji’s goons wake up.

Imli calls Chakor and says why is she not answering, I wish everything is fine, Suraj is with her, my problem is something else now, if I spoke to Chakor once, I would have got advice on Vivaan’s likes and dislikes, I will not lose to that secretary, I have to do something alone. She recalls Pooja’s words.

She checks some clothes. She sees Vivaan sleeping. She takes a jeans to try out. She says be ready to get shocked in morning Vivaan.

Suraj asks Chakor to look there. They see village celebrations. Chakor says I think someone’s marriage is happening. He says Bhaiya ji’s goons can find us, we should go here. She says we should reach Delhi on time. He says we can reach in morning. They go and see the marriage happening. A lady holds Chakor and says you both don’t look from our village, are you someone’s guests. Suraj says yes, we are not from this city, we were going Delhi and lost bus. Chakor says yes, we saw this village and came here. The lady asks are you husband and wife. They say yes. The lady says you came today, this is auspicious thing, I see Lord’s Leela in this. The man welcomes them and asks them to spend night with them, they will do arrangements to send them Delhi in morning. They thank the lady.

The man plays dhol. Bride’s bidaai is done. The lady says we celebrate on Vivaah panchami, as Sita married Ram on this day, every married couple prays today. The lady asks Suraj and Chakor to congratulate groom and bride. They ask what is the guru mantra to have happiness in married life. Chakor thinks what to tell them, what will Suraj say. Suraj says I can explain in two lines, marriage looks tough in start and then its easy and fun. Chakor says you have to understand life partner and walk, then there is no problem, you should have love and manage each other. A man gets idol and stumbles. They hold other. The people clap. Lady praises them and blesses. The lady says its good they saved Ram’s idol from falling, thanks.

The lady asks them to do all rituals today. She asks them to hold Ram and Sita’s idols, just do as I say, its easy. Chakor and Suraj see each other. The lady asks them to go and change clothes. Another lady takes Chakor and Suraj to a room, and gives clothes. Chakor asks Suraj to go out, I will change. Lady asks why, you both are husband and wife right. Chakor says my husband is very shy. Lady says whats this, change clothes and come out. Lady shuts door and goes.

Precap: Chakor says I m unable to tie the blouse string. Suraj says I have an idea, I will tie cloth on my eyes. Chakor and Suraj dance and smile.

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