Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Thapki that the biggest truth of my life is, I love you Thapki. She says please don’t say this, its wrong. He says wrong happened with me, my Maa did wrong by snatching you from me, she snatched my love, my wife did wrong, she acted of fake pregnancy, she gave me false hope of a child, my brother did wrong by sitting in mandap in my place. He cries and says Thapki, I did not ask anything from my life, its just you who did not do wrong with me, I got respect and trust from you, you are the only reason of my life, I can’t lose you again. He reminds her their love.

He says I m still the same, I have come to save you even today. She says I accept everyone did wrong and bad with you, but it does not mean that you also do wrong with them, I have also bear
a lot in life, I did not accept wrong path, I always tried to walk on right path, its true that you loved me and made Tajmahal for me, its also true that Bihaan is my present and future now, he is my love now. Dhruv shatters.

Dhruv requests her to accept him, and says I love you a lot, it was best time for me when I was with you, I want to relive that time, I want my Thapki back. She says please don’t think this, this can’t happen, I know you are a good man, you love your family, you did mistake and just rectify this, I won’t tell anyone about this, forget all this, I love Bihaan and can’t think of anyone else, will you listen to me and forget everything, will you move on and forgive Shraddha by heart, please…..

She says if you have loved me then you swear on that love, forget all this and make a new start of your life, I hope that you will understand and agree to me. Dhruv cries.

Bihaan counts and Thapki comes there. Bihaan says I spoiled everything by being angry, I can’t change, even Thapki lost now, till when will I apologize. Thapki cries seeing him. He apologizes to her. She apologizes to him as she has hurt his heart and misunderstood him. She says I trust you, you can never do anything wrong. He says yes, I said I did not beat them. She says I know. He asks why did you scold me angrily then. She says think it was darkness and got away, you can punish me for my mistake. He hugs her.

He says no, its my mistake, I did angry and you got anger, I will tell this to Maa and Bau ji, they also got worried because of me. He goes. She says sorry Bihaan, I can’t tell you and anyone about Dhruv’s truth, else everyone’s trust will break, Dhruv fell weak and lost his path, but I m sure he will agree to me, and he will attend our marriage happily.

Its morning, Preeti and Ashwin record talking to everyone and first go to Poonam to record her message for Thapki, as the marriage will happen after 10 days. Poonam says I m very happy that Thapki will settle with Bihaan. Dhruv comes there with a nurse and says she will take care of aunty. Poonam says no, this is not needed. Dhruv says marriage is there and you need to get well soon, so this nurse is necessary. Thapki comes there. Poonam asks Thapki to see what Dhruv is doing. Dhruv says I m doing this for myself, so that no happiness gets less in marriage. Ashwin flirts with nurse and keeps camera there. Preeti takes Ashwin. Dhruv asks Poonam to take care. Thapki thanks Dhruv for agreeing to her. Dhruv says its less whatever I do for you. He goes.

Bihaan goes to Poonam’s room to look after Thapki. Nurse says Thapki took Poonam outside, can you help me in finding the medicine, it fell down there. He checks for medicines. Nurse smiles and shuts the door. He gets shocked and asks why did you shut the door. She says so that no one disturbs us. Poonam talks to everyone in hall. Bihaan says what nonsense, open the door. The nurse pushes him on the bed and tears her clothes. He asks what are you doing, and gets away. She stops him and screams for help. Everyone come there and ask Bihaan to open the door. The nurse stops Bihaan and makes him hold her waist, when everyone open the door. They all get shocked seeing them in such awkward state.

The nurse cries and tells the neighbors ladies to save her, Bihaan was trying to molest her. Bihaan says this girl is lying Bau ji, she has shut door, torn her clothes and is blaming me. The nurse says he is lying. Thapki says you are lying, I completely trust Bihaan, he respects women a lot. Vasundara says my son’s heart is like a temple. Bau ji asks the nurse to say truth. The ladies scold Thapki for not supporting this girl and save her husband, we will send Bihaan to jail by taking help from Mahila sanghatan.

Thapki says aunty you know Bihaan, how can you say this. Shraddha sees the recorder there and says we will know it, the proof is here. She goes and gets the recorder. She shows the handicam to Bau ji and says if Bihaan did anything, truth will come out. They all see the recording of the nurse framing Bihaan. Vasundara asks the ladies to see the video. The nurse tries to run away. Preeti catches her and asks where are you running, tell us why did you do this, on whose saying did you do this. The nurse looks at Dhruv……..

Dhruv tells Shraddha that if I know you are becoming hurdle in my way, I will kick you out. Shraddha says I will stay here in this house and never let you get Thapki. Thapki asks nurse to say the truth. The nurse says she did this on Dhruv’s saying. Thapki gets shocked.

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