Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasu highly tensed thinking about Thapki and Kabir’s marriage. Balwinder asks what happened? Bihaan is walking on the road and drinking wine. A song plays Agar Tu Hota toh song plays….Bihaan recalls his romantic moments with Thapki. He sleeps on a bench. He imagines Thapki waking him up early in the morning. He sees a person standing and asking him to go. He imagines Thapki and Kabir there and gets jealous. Vasu thinks about the letter and thinks if Bihaan lied to me about the letter angrily. She thinks to check his wallet, and goes to his room. She opens his wallet, but Sankara sees her going and understands that she is checking for the letter. Vasu thinks something is wrong surely as there is nothing in the wallet. She thinks to stop Thapki and Kabir’s marriage.
Sankara comes to vasu and tells that this is Bihaan’s old wallet and I have burnt its things. Vasu believes her and goes. Sankara thinks even God can’t come between Bihaan and me, now Thapki will marry Kabir.

Thapki and Kabir are in the temple. Kabir asks if she is sure that she will marry him. Thapki says yes. Vasu, Dhruv and others see Bihaan on the road. They see him in distressed and asks where was he in night. Bihaan asks where they are going? They say that they are going to Vani and Kabir’s marriage. Bihaan says he will drive the car, and stop Thapki from doing a big mistake. Dhruv says I will drive, but Bihaan insists. Sankara hopes that they shall reach temple late or the car malfunctions. Kabir and Thapki start taking pheras. Bihaan and others reach there and are shocked to hear Pandit ji saying that marriage is complete. Bihaan sits down shockingly and disheartened. Sankara smiles. Kosi looks shocked. Bihaan asks his goons to beat Kabir. They start beating Kabir. Dhruv says he will be hurt. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan looks on revengeful. Dhruv asks Bihaan to leave Kabir.

Bihaan says not today. One of the goon hit Thapki mistakenly. Bihaan beats them and asks to leave. Thapki asks Bihaan how dare you to beat my Kabir. Bihaan says you made me human and now you made me inhuman. He cuts his palm and goes inside the temple. Vasu comes to him and asks what he is doing? Bihaan says my real relation died, blood will flow..Dhruv asks Bihaan to stop it. Bihaan asks Dhruv not to stop him, else he will forget all his limits. He starts taking rounds around the fire alone. He says I had accepted you as my wife witnessing this fire, and now I break all relations with you witnessing this same fire. He says Bihaan and Thapki was one, but now we are separated. He says I have taken reverse rounds, this is what you wanted, right? He says our marriage, rituals, promises etc are over. You are no longer in my memories, life and heart. He says I know you are my Thapki, but your heart is not of my Thapki. Sankara smiles. Thapki looks on. Bihaan says you have lost me Thapki, your love. You will not get a lover like me, and says you will also yearn for your love just as I am yearning for my love. He curses her. Dhruv and Vasu are shocked. Kabir looks on. Bihaan walks out of temple. Thapki recalls Bihaan cursing her and cries.

Sankara stops Thapki and Kabir from entering inside, and welcomes them doing their aarti. She tells that she has decorated their room for their wedding night. Thapki and Kabir looks on surprised. Bihaan is distressed.

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