Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara hearing the sound and stopping….. Thapki gets tensed and hides with that girl. Thapki prays. Vasundara goes. The girl says this was your mum in law right. Thapki says yes, tell me what was there behind that cupboard. The girl says I don’t know more, Paan just said that. Thapki says fine, inform me when you remember anything. Thapki goes home thinking to check cupboard. Vasundara stops that girl and says you felt I did not see you in temple with Thapki. FB shows Vasundara has seen their shadows and left. Vasundara says I understood Thapki is lying, I was waiting to catch you, I know girls like you don’t say anything without money, take his cash, its more than what Thapki gave you, tell me what Thapki asked you and what did you say. The girl tells everything.

Vasundara gets shocked. She says fine, you go from here and don’t show your face to Thapki and Pandey family member. Vasundara says it means Thapki is trying to know who was behind that marriage incident, if she sees behind storeroom cupboard, she will know everything. She calls Shraddha. Shraddha is angry seeing the call and attends. Vasundara asks her to do the work, go to storeroom and there is a bottle behind the cupboard, take it and throw it, then call me and inform. Shraddha says fine. Vasundara ends call. Shraddha says this old woman has got mad. She goes to storeroom. She sees the bottle and is unable to take it. She screams seeing the spider.

Thapki reaches home. Shraddha gets angry. Thapki thinks to check the cupboard. Shraddha thinks to call and lie to Vasundara. She calls Vasundara and says I have thrown that bottle. She goes. Thapki comes in storeroom and checks behind it. She sees the bottle and wonders whats in it. She is also not able to take the bottle. She uses her dupatta too. She gets a stick and using it, she gets that bottle. She checks it and says chloroform is used to make anyone faint, who got this bottle and why, whom did they faint on marriage day, now this clue will take me to truth. Vasundara says I will not let Thapki reach truth, it will be secret forever.

Aditi sees some people laughing and goes to see. She smiles and asks some men to play dhol. Diwkaar asks why did band baaja men come today. He asks Aditi why did she get band. She says because you got famous, your banners are everywhere in city, look there, your first ad banner. Diwakar checks the height amplify ad and gets angry. Aditi taunts him. Diwakar throws the banner. Aditi says its everywhere, how many banner will you throw, supermodel Diwakar….. She smiles.

Vasundara comes home and says its good Shraddha has thrown that bottle. She sees Thapki with that bottle. Thapki hides bottles and goes. Shraddha comes and Vasundara asks did you do that work. Shraddha says yes, I have thrown that bottle. Vasundara says you are lying, and gets angry. Shraddha thinks how did she know, is she magician. Vasundara says bottle reached somewhere, because of your mistake. Shraddha thinks what was in that bottle, that she is fuming. Vasundara says that bottle has big secret, Thapki will reach that secret, which even Bihaan does not know. She thinks to stop Thapki from knowing that secret.

Bihaan comes somewhere with his helper man, asking him to vacate the house, even if he has to break it, its Bau ji’s command. He knocks on the door and sees Thapki asking him not to vacate her house, where will we go, I request you please. He sees Thapki everywhere and says no, no one will vacate your house, no one will make you homeless, I m here. He hugs both Thapki’s. the man asks what are you doing, we had to vacate the house. Bihaan asks him to be quiet, now this house won’t get vacated, did I say right Tha…… He sees a couple and gets shocked. The couple thanks him for not vacating the house. He holds his head and says what happened to me, I just head dhol sound and now seeing Thapki everywhere.

Thapki says there is some secret in this bottle, linked to that marriage incident, how to find out. Vasundara comes there and Thapki keeps it in cupboard. Vasundara gives the wedding album and DVD, and says I did not give you earlier, but now you are giving a chance, that’s why I m giving this now, this will make you happy, carry on. Thapki says its good Maa gave me this, it will help me in knowing that person. She keeps that in cupboard. Vasundara hears her and goes out. She starts coughing. Thapki asks her what happened, and runs to get water. Vasundara says get water, not for me, but for the fire I m going to ignite. She burns a cloth and puts it inside the cupboard. The whole cupboard catches fire. Thapki gets water and gets shocked seeing the fire. She tells Vasundara about the fire. Vasundara acts like being shocked.

Trishakti promo….. Thapki will know her marriage truth..

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