Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan seeing Thapki crying. He goes to Vasundara. Vasundara tells him what all Thapki told her against Shraddha. She says Thapki is such bad hearted, she does not want to see Dhruv happy, I scolded her well, you don’t fall in her words. He gets shocked. Thapki looks at the sky and cries. Bihaan comes to her and pacifies her.

He tells about his childhood when he always got the things not chosen by Dhruv, Dhruv used to get tika first and first food share, mum has always favored Dhruv, she donated my cycle, not because she loves my things, its because she can’t make Dhruv’s things away. He cries and says it hurts him, he understands everything, it matters to him, but he does not show, as Vasundara is his Maa, he loves and respects her, he will not let respect and love get less.

He asks her not to feel bad of Vasundara’s words, prove to her that you and I also worry for Dhruv, get more determined, if you have tears in eyes, everything will look unclear, but we have to see clear to save Dhruv and this family, don’t lose before failing, you will go in few days, what do you want to see in this house, happiness or Shraddha? She cries.

He asks her to shake hands if she understood. She shakes hands and says she will expose Shraddha. She says she won’t let any problem come on Dhruv and family, she won’t let marriage happen. He says amazing and smiles. She says whatever he said was right, Maa scolded me as she loves Dhruv a lot, He says we have to do something tomorrow.

Diwakar insults Aditi and holds her to show people. Aditi asks what is he doing. Diwakar says he is holding her waist, as she is his wife. Aditi gets sad. Diwakar thinks Aditi did not say anything, it means she is playing solid plan, be ready, I will also play a game. Shraddha acts sweet infront of everyone. Someone calls her again and again. She disconnects call and says its not important call. Dadi and Vasundara ask her to take call. Shraddha says mobile company people trouble lot. Vasundara asks them to come. Shraddha screams seeing the bees. Thapki stops her and asks her not to do anything to bees, and they will also not bite her. Shraddha gets angry and tells Thapki that her nature is also like honey bees, she will not leave Thapki if Thapki troubles her. Thapki also warns her well. They all leave.

Vasundara says its again that chipku’s phone. She attends call and asks someone why is he calling her again and again. Thapki hears this. Dhruv sees Thapki and gets teary eyed. She goes. He gets sad. Bihaan hears Shraddha on phone and scolding someone. He says Golmaal, amazing. Bihaan goes to tell Thapki. Thapki slips and he holds her, Flowers all on them. They have an eyelock. He says she always collides with him. They tell each other about Shraddha’s phone call to someone. She says maybe this phone call secret bring her truth out. He says yes.

Thapki makes water fall over Shraddha. Shraddha shouts on her. Thapki says sorry. She takes her phone and calls on that number, asking about Shraddha.

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