Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki saying I m fine, now you don’t have doubt right Shraddha. Bihaan and everyone look on. Thapki gets dizzy and asks Bau ji can I go to my room for some time. Bau ji says yes, go. Thapki goes upstairs. Shraddha and Vasundara get tensed. Bihaan thinks did the milk really had poison, something happened to Thapki. Thapki stumbles and goes to her room. Bihaan thinks he will show this video later, its important to see Thapki first. He runs upstairs after her.

Thapki shuts the door and gets unwell. Bihaan comes and asks her to open door. She falls down. He hears sound and says I know something happened to you. He starts breaking the door. Thapki holds her neck and vomits blood. She falls down. Bihaan breaks open the door and gets shocked seeing her fallen on the ground. He shouts Thapki and sees the blood. He asks what happened, who added poison in milk. She says don’t tell anyone milk had poison, and I have drunk that milk.

He asks why did you drink that milk, why did you not tell everyone. She says if I told truth, family would have broken. He asks her to say it. She says you promise me you will not tell anyone at home. He asks what are you saying. She says I did not ask anything from you, promise me. He gets worried as she faints. He moves her and says I promise I won’t say anyone, open your eyes.

Shraddha and Vasundara talk what they wanted to do, Bau ji got annoyed with me. Vasundara says how did nothing happen to Thapki, I added rat poison. Shraddha says Thapki said it had ayurvedic medicine, it did not have poison, else why would she drink it to save you. Vasundara says if anyone knew this, everything would have got ruined. Bihaan lifts Thapki and takes her. He thinks he promised Thapki that none will know this, and hides seeing Suman. He rushes by the other way. He sees Bau ji coming and hides. Servant tells Bau ji that Dadi is calling him.

Bau ji goes inside the house. Bihaan makes Thapki sit in the car to take her to hospital. The car does not start. He gets worried seeing her state getting critical. He lifts her and asks her to not close eyes. He tries taking lift and hire auto, but none stops. He shouts why doesn’t anyone stop. He makes Thapki lie on road;s side and gets a rickshaw. He breaks the lock with the stone. He throws the jacket and the memory card falls on the road. The tyre gets torn and Bihaan removes the front wheel. He makes Thapki lie in the rickshaw and takes her by pulling the rickshaw.

Diwakar talks to his friends and says I will come in the party. He does not get his clothes and wonders where did his clothes go. Aditi says I have sent the clothes for washing, as you took my dad’s clothes. He asks what will I wear in party, you did this to take revenge, I will show you what I do. She asks will you complain police again, and taunts him. He threatens her and goes. She says I want you to do something and hit your own leg.

Bihaan takes Thapki to hospital and tells doctor that Thapki is his wife, she drank poison by mistake. Doctor treats Thapki. Bihaan gets worried. Doctor comes out and Bihaan asks is she fine. Doctor says she is unconscious, we pumped out poison, but till you got her here, poison affected her body, its difficult to say anything. Bihaan shouts you have to save her. He apologizes as he told this in anger, and says you are doctor, save her, she did not do wrong with anyone, don’t know how did this happen. Thapki gets serious. Nurse informs doctor. Bihaan also goes inside the OT and sees Thapki’s condition getting worse. The heart rate and pulse falls flat. Bihaan gets shocked.

Doctor uses the cardiac defibrillator to give brief shocks to revive her heart. Thapki does not respond. Bihaan gets shocked seeing her.

Doctor says she is dead. Bihaan gets shocked and starts scolding Thapki. He says I told you I won’t let anything happen to you, how can you leave my alone, get up Thapki. He cries.

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