Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan calling lawyer and scolding him for the big mistake. The family looks on. Bihaan asks how did you send divorce papers so soon, Thapki’s departure from this house still has time, how can you send papers on holi, how can you be so careless. Thapki ends the call and says I got these papers to give to you. Bihaan and family get shocked. The guests look on. Bau ji asks the guests to leave, thanks for coming to celebrate holi with us, but this is our family matter, we are sorry. The guests leave.

Bihaan says you called for these papers, no, I can’t believe this, you are expert in saving others and taking blame on you, someone else did this and you are putting your name, I will tear this. She stops him and asks do you not understand at once, I told you I called for these papers, I want to get separated from you, I want divorce from you. Shraddha smiles, while family is shocked.

Bau ji says but this way suddenly… Dadi says that too on holi day….. She folds hands to request Thapki…. And asks did we do mistake again, forgive us. Bau ji apologizes. Preeti asks Thapki not to do this. Vasundara says no one will stop Thapki, she had to do this some day, I mean Thapki and Bihaan have to take divorce, if Thapki gave divorce papers to Bihaan today, whats wrong. Dadi says but Vasundara, Thapki did a lot for us, its time we give her happiness. Vasundara says Thapki will get happiness when she gets free of this false relation, this truth can’t change that Bihaan cheated and married Thapki, if she wants to break such false relation, we should support her, right?

Shraddha thinks well done mummy ji, so this was your plan and gives kiss for Vasundara happily. Vasundara says Thapki has bear a lot, we all are with you, Bihaan will give you divorce, you just tell when do you want divorce. Thapki says tomorrow…. They all get shocked. Thapki says we have to go court tomorrow to sign on divorce papers, our divorce will be final. Bihaan goes. Dhruv worriedly leaves with other family members. Thapki cries. Vasundara asks whats the matter, why did your face turn place on divorce name, is that you don’t want to give divorce to Bihaan or do not want to get separated from him. Thapki says no, this false relation has to end some day, its ending like this so I m feeling hurt, Bihaan and family got hurt on holi by my decision. Vasundara says their pain is like a water drop, it will end soon, life does not stop if anyone goes, you did big mistake by coming here, Pandey family was happy before you came here, after you leave we will be more happy, it will be joyful day when you end relations with Pandey family and leave forever.

Mishra and Manju wish Poonam happy holi and apply some colors. Poonam also wishes them. Manju asks for gujiyas on holi day. Mishra says I will get it from shop, else you go. Manju says I don’t even know shops. Mishra says then forget it. Poonam says I will get it. Manju asks her to go. Poonam leaves. Mishra and Manju start stealing expensive things. They hide things in bag and leave.

Shraddha comes having bath. She sees Dhruv upset and asks whats the matter. He says nothing, I will go for bath and get rid of these colors. She asks him to remove all colors today, Thapki is going today, you should be happy, she got free of Bihaan, I mean from this meaningless forced marriage, now Thapki can live her life as she wants, we should give her some farewell gift, so that she stays happy, and even we will be happy, I will order something for her. Dhruv cries.

Diwakar washes his hands. Mishra and Manju shout seeing him. Diwakar says I m your only son, my face has cow dung, where are you both running with the bag. Manju says we have taken all expensive things from Aditi’s house. Mishra says its worth 2-3 lakhs. Diwakar says you should be ashamed, you have diamond worth crores, that’s me, we would have run before, Krishnakant bought a new house, I will get that on my house. They laugh.

Bihaan gets sad and recalls Thapki. He says there is some matter, I did mistake, I should have not applied color to her, why am I worried, we had to get separated one day, I did wrong with her. He cries.

Thapki cries in room and sees family pic. She says Bihaan did wrong with me, but I did wrong with you and this family, I would have not done this if Maa did not ask the price of saving your life, I don’t want to hurt you and this family, forgive me Bihaan. She hugs pic and cries.

Bau ji comes to Bihaan and asks will you not share your pain, you never shared your sorrow with anyone, not even me. Bihaan says no, I m happy, if Thapki goes, there will be no one to trouble me. Bau ji says I said eyes are mirror of heart and wipes his tears. He says your eyes show something else. Bihaan hugs Bau ji and says Thapki is going, something strange is happening in my heart. Bau ji asks him to stop Thapki, Lord stays in heart, if heart is saying something, listen to it, you did big mistake, this is time to rectify it, just you can stop Thapki. Bihaan looks on.

Bihaan stops Thapki and says I can’t give you divorce, our relation joined by cheat, but I want to turn this relation into truth, give me one chance, don’t leave me and my family, please… he requests her..

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