Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki having a talk. He praises Vasundara, as she gave him blood and a new life. He tells how much Vasundara loves him. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words and goes. Vasundara looks on. Thapki cries and recalls the family’s love. She prays to Lord. She takes that envelop and recalls Vasundara’s ugly condition. She goes out in garden and sees Bihaan with Bau ji. She wipes her tears. Vasundara stops him and says I told you that you have to give these papers to Bihaan on holi day, its most happy day for Bihaan, you have to give him biggest wound. Thapki asks why. Vasundara says I gave him blood and fulfilled my promise, you can go back from your words, I can’t take back the blood, but it will prove you don’t have promise fulfilling values in your house. Thapki cries.

Thapki says I will fulfill my promise, and not let my parents values proved wrong, I swear on this fire, I will pay the price for the blood you gave to Bihaan, I will give divorce papers to Bihaan tomorrow on holi day. Vasundara smiles. Thapki looks at the fire.

Its morning, everyone is happy and celebrating holi by throwing colors. The sweets and holi colors are shown. A man makes thandai. Bihaan looks at the colors. Suman applies him colors and says this time you are not able to play well, as you are hurt, you would be feeling bad. Preeti and Sanjay also wish him. Bihaan stops them and says I will not play holi like patients, it will be same like every year. He runs after them with colors. Dadi and Bau ji see Bihaan. Bihaan takes their blessings. Preeti and Suman challenge Bihaan to apply holi color to Bau ji and Dadi. Bihaan applies holi to elders and celebrates. They all smile.

Bihaan says Bhabhi its your turn now. Preeti says no…. Bihaan says I will play holi well. Bihaan runs after Preeti and Suman. He applies them colors. Shraddha asks a lady not to apply color to her. Bihaan tells Shraddha that she should get holi colors. She says no, just be away. He says you always make me away from family, and applies color to her, taunting her that she changes colors every moment and is scared of colors. He says I have to meet Thapki, I will meet you after break and goes. She says I will kill him and fumes…..

Suman and Preeti wish Vasundara and apply holi to her. Vasundara asks them to take care of guests as well. Suman and Preeti wish Dhruv and apply color to him. Thapki looks at the divorce agreement, and recalls Vasundara’s words.

Bihaan goes there to apply colors to Thapki. She stops him by her net dupatta. She asks whats this childishness. He says its holi. She says I don’t want to play, I don’t want to spoil my hair. He says ghazab, you were fighting with world for me yesterday and fighting with me now, I wanted to play holi with you, its our first holi, but you are Mahaan Aatma. He leaves. She feels sorry to hurt him today by asking for divorce, I have to pay price to Vasundara for saving your life.

Suman asks Thapki to play. Bihaan says no, some people love hair more than other’s sentiments. Suman says its fine, we will not spoil Thapki’s hair. Preeti says yes, come, we will play holi. They leave. Shraddha hears this and says oh really, I did not know Thapki loves her hair, else I would have done something, anyways I will do this good work today. Vasundara goes to Thapki and hugs her. Bihaan looks on and smiles.

Vasundara says I m very happy, as my and this house’s all problems will end today. She applies tika to Thapki and says when this colors game end, you will go to Bihaan and ask divorce from him. She goes. Thapki gets sad.

Shraddha gets some chemical to spoil Thapki’s hair. She says Thapki, you are proud of your beautiful hair, this bottle has hair remover powder, if you get this powder in your hair, you won’t be left with hair. She smiles.

Bihaan applies holi color to Thapki wishing her happy holi. She shows the divorce papers and asks for divorce. He gets shocked.

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