Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shraddha thinking she has taken revenge from Bihaan, as he was trying to make her lose in card game. Vasundara is glad seeing Shraddha and Dhruv doing aarti. Diwakar asks Aditi to touch his mum’s feet. Aditi touches her feet. His mum taunts Aditi. Diwakar asks his mum to do aarti for diwali puja. Aditi and her family get sad. Diwakar takes aarti plate from Poonam and gives to his mum. His mum does aarti. Aditi cries.

Thapki sees everyone burning crackers. Dhruv looks at her. Shraddha holds Dhruv’s hand. Bihaan sees Thapki standing sad and alone. He goes and pulls her legs, to provoke her for burning crackers. She argues and goes to light a rocket. She gets scared and he smiles. He sees the bottle fell down and rocket is hitting towards Thapki. He moves Thapki and holds her, while the rocket passes by them. They have an eyelock. Dadi stops everyone as Thapki has a protector with her, and tells Vasundara that Bihaan will be with Thapki all her life, if Lord wishes. Dhurv and everyone run to Thapki.

Preeti asks Thapki did she get mad, who told her to burn rocket. Sanjay asks Bihaan to take care of her. Thapki says she is fine. Bihaan says I agree, as you don’t lie. Dhruv gets angry seeing them, and brings a rocket to burn. He looks at Thapki and lights the rocket, holding it in hand. Thapki gets worried. Shraddha says great, Dhruv is bold. She thinks this is right time to change the chits, then Bihaan will get scoldings. She says she will have water and come. She goes and takes Bihaan’s envelop. She smiles seeing he has written camera and writes Thapki’s name on the note. She keeps the envelop back and crushes the camera note.

Dadi asks Balwinder to start diwali rasam. Bau ji reads the notes. He says Preeti is donating her 10kgs lahenga. Dadi praises her. Bau ji says Vasundara is donating Bihaan’s childhood cycle. Bihaan asks Thapki to see, mum loves my childhood things. Bau ji says Dhruv is donating his memories. They all look at Dhruv.

Dhruv holds the things related to Thapki. Shraddha asks whats all this. Dhruv says this is my past Shraddha, now I don’t need this. Shraddha says its good to forget past. Dhruv says you are right, and looks at Thapki. Bau ji says Shraddha is donating her bangles. Shraddha acts sweets. Bau ji says Thapki is donating her bag. Shraddha asks Thapki why is this bag special. Thapki says this bag has my life, I will show. She says the bag has all her necessities.

Bihaan and Dhruv smile seeing her innocent talk about petty things. Shraddha thinks Thapki is mad. Dadi says person learns to sacrifice by donating their valuable things. Thapki says I want to donate one more thing. Thapki gets her books and says she wants some children to get this, so that children can study and move on in life. Bau ji likes Thapki’s thoughts.

Bau ji gets shocked reading Bihaan’s note, that he is donating Thapki. Everyone get shocked. Bau ji scolds Bihaan and asks what did he write. Bihaan denies it. Vasundara asks Bauji to throw the note. Thapki stops him and says if Bihaan has written my name, his wish and this rasam will be fulfilled, I m ready to sit in weighing tool. They all look at her.

Bau ji scolds Bihaan. Bihaan says trust me, I did not write. Bau ji says I trusted you before and raises hand on him. Thapki stops Bau ji and sits on the weighing tool.

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