Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara hearing some sound outside. She goes to check, while Bau ji is sleeping. Shraddha bursts the ballons and says I will kill them. Vasundara stops Shraddha and asks did you get mad. Shraddha says Thapki has come back, when will things get fine, we did so much hardwork to make her leave, nothing can get fine, Thapki will get Dhruv, Bihaan is always with Thapki like her shadow, nothing is mine, I did not get my right place in this house, my Dhruv, his love, I did not get anything. She says I m going mad, I want Dhruv to love me as he loved Thapki, I fail always. She cries and says I can’t get away from Dhruv, I will die if Dhruv leaves me, save me mummy ji. Vasundara asks her to calm down, these tears should flow from Thapki’s eyes, my Shraddha can’t be so weak, none can snatch anything from you, just focus on Dhruv, leave Thapki on me, I will do something that Bihaan and Thapki can’t think in dreams. Shraddha hugs her and cries.

Its morning, Thapki looks for Bihaan and says he said he won’t get up early. Bihaan says if I came late, how would I get this for you. He gifts her high heels sandals. She gets glad and asks why are you giving this to me. He says I know we always fight, but these are for cowshed days memories. She asks how do you know I love high heels sandals. He says great and shows all her high heel sandals, I m not so foolish. She says if you gave me such lovely gift, I have to give return gift, wait. She gives him a Gulel…… He asks how do you know I love Gulel. She says Bau ji told me that you like Gulel since childhood. He recalls saving Bau ji by using Gulel. He says yes, I like it, but I will see will I aim right. He hits Thapki by mistake. She screams and says you want to beat me with my gift. He says I don’t raise hands on girls, it got hit by mistake.

Dadi and Bau ji come there and ask them not to fight. Bau ji says we have a small gift. Dadi says a new restaurant opened. Bau ji asks them to go for dinner tonight. Thapki says we will fine together. Dadi says we will be glad if you both go. Vasundara looks on. Thapki and Bihaan agree.

Thapki makes food and tells Dadi that everything will be ready in half an hour. Dadi says you will not do any work till 3 weeks. Thapki asks why. Shraddha asks did Thapki do mistake again. Dadi says we did mistake, Thapki and Bihaan have bear punishment by staying in cowshed for 3 weeks, now Thapki won’t work. She asks Thapki to go and get ready, Shraddha will do this work, she is also bahu of this house. Shraddha says me? Dadi asks any problem. Shraddha says no. Dadi leaves. Thapki says sorry Shraddha.. Shraddha scolds her and says I know making puris better than you, can you just leave now. Thapki leaves. Shraddha puts puri in hot oil and it falls on her. Shraddha gets angry and says Thapki should have told me that oil was very hot. She goes to room and says Dhruv is in bathroom, I can do something. She gets papers and says I heard Dhruv telling someone that this speech is very imp, I will do something to help and impress Dhruv, then he will give me place in his heart. She starts reading the speech.

She says sorry Dhruv, I m doing this for you. She opens the ink bottle and keeps it on the paper. She goes. Bihaan arranges his clothes back in his cupboard. He sees Bau ji and Vasundara’s pic. He talks to Bau ji. Thapki comes and looks on. He says I felt I m nothing without Bau ji. Thapki asks and Maa? I felt she is still annoyed. He says no, I know she loves me a lot, I had disease in childhood, Maa gave me blood and saved me, she did not give me birth but we have same blood, no one can break this relation. She says even Lord can’t break this relation. He says yes, Maa will hug me and you too, very soon. He asks her to get ready. He wears a tshirt with train print. She looks at him.

Shraddha tries remembering the speech and Suman asks her to finish the work. Shraddha says I know I have to do kitchen work, but I m doing imp work. Preeti says we did not come on walk. Suman says Dadi asked you to do all the walk, and tells the list of items to get from market. Shraddha is still reciting the speech and argues with them, saying she will finish all the work.

Thapki argues with Bihaan for making fun of her. He asks what is she saying, what happened now, why is she getting angry. She asks about his tshirt, why did her wear it today. He says I like it, its my fav color, what problem you have Chuk chuk gaadi. She says I have this problem, you call me this and wore this Chuk chuk gaadi tshirt. He sees the train and says laughs, saying its really that. He says I will change it and gets a call. He goes to talk. The lady tells about gold credit card. He says English… no gold, no silver, I m already diamond son of Pandey Nivaas. Thapki takes the phone and says he meant to say he does not want any gold credit card. He says you made fun of my English. She says I was helping you. They both argue. He says I will not change this tshirt. She says fine, I will talk to you in English only. He says fine, thanks.

Vasundara pays some man and asks him to her work, she will pay double. He says your work will be done. He leaves. She says its enough now, we played enough games, now its time to end this, you both will get separated forever.

Bihaan fights with some people and gets beaten. Thapki shouts on people and asks them to save Bihaan. The goon shoots Bihaan. Thapki screams.

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