Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Thapki to become right in family’s eyes, tell the truth that it was acting when you blamed Maa for theft, then go back home with them, else let them stay here like this in cowshed. Thapki says fine, you know, I stayed outside house for family, if I have to go inside house, I will go for family’s sake, I will tell them the truth. Bihaan smiles. Shraddha hears this and gets shocked.

Thapki says I will tell them the truth now itself. Bihaan nods. Shraddha thinks Thapki’s grah pravesh will happen and I will be out, I have to stop Thapki from saying truth, but how. Shraddha and Vasundara talk to make Thapki hear them. They act and tell that Thapki won’t go anywhere by coming inside home, why did Thapki bear all this, for what. Shraddha says so that family does not get sad when she leaves. Vasundara says right, Thapki does not know if she tells truth to family, they will get double sorrow. Thapki says Maa is right, I have to go from here, why to tell family, its good that they are mistaken about me, they won’t be sad when I leave. She goes. Shraddha says I hope she heard us.

Everyone sit outside cowshed. Bihaan asks where is Thapki, did she not tell the truth. Dadi says don’t worry, she can’t see us in trouble. Thapki asks some men to keep the beds there. She gives money and says 1000rs is less, come in morning and take it. Sanjay says I will give. Thapki says no, I will pay in morning, my stitching work money will come in morning. She tells Bau ji that she got necessary things for them, as they decided to stay here. Bihaan thinks what is Thapki doing, how did she change her mind. Dadi tells Bau ji that she got comforts for us, what will we do now, how will we make her say truth. Bau ji says don’t know. Thapki asks them to rest. Shraddha says Thapki did not tell anyone. Vasundara says just one day more, then our problem will end. Shraddha sees Bihaan worried and asks what happened, it seems your sleep disappeared, I will sleep peacefully today. She rests to sleep.

Bihaan asks Thapki whats all this, you said you will say the truth. Thapki says I don’t want to talk, please.

Its morning, Shraddha wakes up and screams finding her bed in between waters. She says who got me here. Bihaan comes there. Shraddha says so you got me here. He says yes, I did this, you did great work by stopping Thapki from saying truth, this is the small prize, if you try to do anything like this, then your bed will be under water, you will sink then. She says you will sink when everyone knows this, I will tell them that you tried to kill me. He says fine, tell them, then see what I tell them about you. She says scold Thapki, why are you angry on me, you show bravery infront of me, if you have courage, then make Thapki say the truth. Bihaan leaves angrily. She says you can’t do anything Bihaan Pandey, its very late now, Thapki will leave from house forever, you will be just seeing.

Bihaan goes to cowshed and sees Thapki packing her bags. Thapki says no questions now. Bihaan asks why did you not go to temple with family. Thapki says so that I stay here and pack my bag, I stayed here for 2 days, now its over, I will leave and you will not stop me, you promised me. He recalls his words. He goes. She thinks to leave soon.

Bihaan goes to Shivling and says you like this, Thapki prayed to you always, I did wrong with her, you can’t do this, you can’t let her go from here. Thapki prays and asks Lord to take care of her family and Bihaan, initially Bihaan did wrong with me, but I know much goodness is hidden in him, be with him Lord. Bihaan asks Lord to help him. it gets windy weather. Bihaan says I won’t let Thapki go, its not my test, its your test, you will do everything today.

Bihaan pulls out Shivling from the soil and shouts har har mahadev. He takes the Shivling on his shoulder. Kaun hai wo…….plays……………. thapki sees Bihaan and tries to stop it. she asks what is he doing. He tells her that he had mannat so that she gets back in home and turns right in everyone’s eyes, but Lord did not listen to him, so he is taking Shivling to visarjit it in water. She asks him what is this madness. He says you blamed Maa as you thought it was right, I will do what I feel is right. He goes to temple and walks down the stairs. Thapki tries to stop him. Bihaan enters the water, while holding the Shivling. She gets shocked seeing him. She says stop Bihaan, don’t do this, I will tell truth to everyone. Bihaan stops. Thapki cries and says whatever I did was my helplessness, I wanted to end love in everyone’s heart and wanted them to hate me. The family comes there and hears Thapki. They get shocked. Thapki does not see them. Dhruv comes there. Thapki says I did so Bihaan as I had to leave one day, I did not wish they get sad with my departure, they are my family, how could I make them sad by leaving. The family looks on.

Trishakti episode promo. Bihaan and Thapki are back home and Vasundara wants to break them.

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