Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kiran saying winner will the one who wins the maxium time. Bihaan says I will drink water and come, and keeps one phone with video call on. He signs Thapki. Kiran distributes the cards. Bihaan has Q Q and 10 cards, while Shraddha has K A Q cards. Bihaan sees her cards by the video feed in his phone. Shraddha cheats and exchanges the cards. Bihaan sees her cheating and says amazing, she is cheating me, she does not know I m her father in cheat. Shraddha says this time she will show cards. She keeps her cards, K A Q. Everyone get glad and clap for Shraddha. Bihaan says you are first to lose, as my cards are yet to show up. He keeps his cards, diamond, club with same number 4. He then shows the third card 4 spade. Bihaan wins. Ashwin and Sanjay ask Bihaan to make Shraddha lose again, then he will win.

Shraddha says how did he win, how did he know my cards, I have to win. She gets a call and reacts angrily. The family looks on and gets shocked seeing her angry. Shraddha says sorry. Preeti and Suman praise Bihaan and say no one can make Bihaan lose. Shraddha gets enraged. Diwakar troubles Aditi. She gets angry and shows a knife to him. she says you married me by making me helpless, but don’t dare to think this as true marriage, else I will kill you.

Kiran says now we will know who wins. Bihaan thinks Shraddha got angry by losing once, if she loses now, she will show her truth. Bihaan sees her cards and the phone battery goes. He gets worried. Kiran asks him to show cards. Bihaan signs Thapki and tells about her phone getting off, stand behind Shraddha, we have to bring her truth out. Shraddha and Bihaan show the cards.

Thapki does not stand behind Shraddha. Bihaan keeps his cards Q Q 10. Shraddha smiles and doies cheating. Bihaan gets angry on Thapki. Shraddha says sorry Bihaan, this time you can’t win. She shows her winning card. She wins again, and the family gets happy. Kiran says no one could win playing with Bihaan till now. They all praise Shraddha. Ashwin and Sanjay say Bihaan lost to a girl. Shraddha says it happens, winning and losing is part of a game, we are from same family. Bihaan goes angrily.

Bau ji tells the note, Bihaan would be paired with Thapki. They all scold Bihaan for writing Thapki’s name. Thapki says she will fulfill this ritual, and sits on the weighing machine.

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