Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting shocked knowing his friends did not reach home. He runs inside home. Vasundara says he made us sit here and going inside home, we will go as well. Thapki asks Rana to leave her. Rana asks her to give the items, else he will kill her. Bihaan and everyone come inside house and stand at the door. They all get shocked seeing Thapki in trouble.

Thapki says kill me, but I will not give you anything. Rana says this jewelry is more than her life. She says this is my family’s hard earned earnings, its ancestor’s jewelry, you can’t know its value, it has memories and feelings attached to it, I will die but not give this to you. Rana says fine, we will kill you and take the bag. Bihaan says stop, leave her. Thapki shouts Bihaan. Rana says she lies to die and keeps knife at her neck. She gets hurt and sees the blood. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan says take everything, but leave her. Rana says no one will make noise. They snatch the jewelry from Thapki. Bihaan takes his football and kicks it hard to hit on Rana’s head. Rana falls backwards. Thapki takes the jewelry potli and runs to Bihaan. Dhruv, Ashwin and Sanjay beat the goons. Bihaan beats Rana for hurting Thapki.

Dhruv says leave him Bihaan, he will be punished by police. Bihaan says he touched Thapki, I will punish him. Bihaan ties all the thieves by ropes. They apologize. Bihaan scolds them and asks the family to play football now. He asks Thapki to come first and hit goal by all her energy. Your goal is these three thieves. Thapki asks what do you mean. Ashwain says don’t worry, we will not give them to police easily, beat them. Bihaan asks Thapki to come, else I will beat them, they will not be saved then. Thapki stops Bihaan and says I will come and kick the ball.

She kicks the ball and Rana gets hit. Everyone smile. Bihaan says you showed bravery seeing the girl alone, now did it hurt. He keeps the ball and beats them. He asks Bau ji to teach them some lesson. Bau ji says I wish to teach them lesson by my gun, I want to kill them, as they tried to kill our most precious Thapki. Bau ji also kicks ball and hits them. The thieves scream. The family members also get their anger out on the thieves and smile. Dadi says I will also beat. Thief says Dadi, this is not your age to beat. Dhruv brings police and asks whats happening. Bihaan says nothing, we were entertaining them by playing football. Dhruv asks inspector to arrest the thieves. The thieves get arrested and taken by police.

Thapki hands over the cash and jewelry to Bau ji, and says I did not let thieves take this. Bau ji says all this is not more than you… if anything happened to you, then we all would have not forgiven ourselves. Dadi says your neck is bleeding, anyone do the aid. Bihaan says I will do, I will take her to cowshed. Dhruv thanks Thapki. Shraddha looks on. Dhruv says no need to take such risk next time, please, go and apply medicine fast, its bleeding a lot. Shraddha sees Vasundara gone and says where did this old woman go now.

Aditi laughs on Diwakar seeing him workput. She asks how will he get height. She says I have an idea, tell me if you want, but leave it, you will think its my plan, I will go. He says stop, tell me how can you help me. She thinks to teach him lesson.

Shraddha asks Vasundara why did he come to room. Vasundara says Thapki risked her life for the family’s jewelry, I have seen her other side, she faced the thieves for our family, just true person can do this, I m confused between her two sides, are we misunderstanding her, is she really right. Shraddha says no, we reached there on time and saved her life, else anyone mad will fight with three thieves. Vasundara says I don’t understand. Shraddha says I m saying, you trust me. We have seen Thapki’s truth many times. Vasundara asks Shraddha to go, I want to be alone. Shraddha leaves.

Dadi and Bau ji are upset. Suman and Preeti see them. Suman says I have to say something. Dadi says even I want to say some imp thing to Balwinder. Suman says we have hidden few things, I m supporting Thapki since few days and helping her by hiding in all the work. Bihaan does aid to Thapki’s wound and asks why did she risk her life and showed bravery. He says you should have run away silently. She looks at him. He says I m saying truth, money and jewelry can be earned again, life does not come back again. She says even you risked life to get money for cowshed rent. He says because you said. She says when you ask you to choose right way, how can I choose wrong way, even I thought to run away, then I felt it won’t be good, its my own house. He says fine, become a lawyer, you argue well, I m fool, I knew thieves will come and you will fight with them, that’s why I have… she asks what are you saying…. What did you do…

Bihaan tells Thapki that I will tell everyone the truth that you took Maa’s blame on her. Thapki says no need to say anyone. Bau ji hears this and calls Bihaan to ask why did Thapki blame Vasundara for theft.

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