Tere Bin 23rd August 2016 Written Episode

Akshay’s mother calls Vijaya and says she wants to keep Neeti with her tonight. Vijaya says she needs to take Akshay’s permission. Mom says it is a smple thing and why she needs permission. Neeti speaks and requests Vijaya to let her stay with daadi. Vijaya says sye should have taken papa’s permisison, but then agrees. Naani says she should have informed Akshay as he may feel bad.

Akshay travels with Nandini in a car and whistles their usual tone. He starts romantic discussion. She says they have to maintain distance to keep their love alive. He drops her home and leaves. Nandini goes home and Irfan’s sister Shabana blindfolds her from behind. Nandini gets along well with her. Irfan says she has taken Nandini’s room. Nandini says she had already decided to share room with Shabana.

Akshay reaches home and finds Neeti not at home. Vijaya says Neeti is staying with daad/daadi. Akshay asks which hotel is that. Vijaya says she will call daadi and ask. Akshay reaches hotel. Daadi gets happy seeing him. He enters in and says he came to take Neeti. Dad asks who is he to take Neeti away. Akshay says he is taking his daughter. Mom calms Akshay. He asks Neeti if she wants to stay withh daada/daadi. She nods yes. He permits her and leaves.

Nandini prepares food with Shabana. Irfan enters kitchen and asks if she can help. Shabana says bhai does not help at all. Nandini says he helps a lot and in fact he cooks and even does household chores. Shabana is surprised and calls her bhabhi, but then apologizes.

Akshay reaches back home. Vijaya asks where is Neeti. He says he left her with daada/daadi and goes to his room. Naani asks Viaya not to do repeat anything which Akshay will not like.

Akshay goes to nursing home next day and in the afternoon sits for lunch with Vijaya. Nandini calls him and says she was missing him since morning and asks him to say i love you. He hesitates seeing Vijaya. She says let us have lunch together. He lies Vijaya that he is going to meet client and will have lunch with client and leaves. Vijaya gets disheartened.

Precap: Akshay and Nandini go to a restaurant. Irfan comes with Shabana. Nandini hides under table.

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