Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd May 2016 Written Episode

Leela, Bebe and Usha come to the mandir, Leela apologises to Twinkle she says she couldnt do anything she blames herself, Kunj says to Leela its not her fault Yuvi and Anita are disgraceful people if they didnt do this they would have done soemthing else. Bebe says what are they going to do? Usha says they have crossed all limits they want Yuvi and Twinkle ring ceremony to happen. Leela says they will go to court this wedding is fake, Twinkle says its no point Yuvi tricked her and got married to her, she loves Kunj only and she will always be Kunjs Wife. Twinkle says she will anwser Yuvi in his language she will teach him a lesson.

Twinkle says she will always always be Kunj Wife and Bebe daughter in law, but now she will pretend to be Yuvi Wife. Leela says its no need to do this Yuvi wont ever understand he is not trustworthy, Usha agrees with Leela.

Kunj holds Twinkle hand he says he trust her and their love, he knows Twinkle is doing all this for their love, Kunj says he will support Twinkle on every step he says they will teach Yuvi a lesson and tells Leela, Bebe and Usha to support them, they agree to help Twinj. Everyone vows they wont let their family seperate, they will protect their family from the Lutras.

Twinkle says she will do the rasams with Yuvi she will teach him a lesson he will find out what it is like to forcefully marry Twinkle.

Twinkle is looking at Twinj wedding picture and puts sindoor on, Yuvi comes there he tells Twinkle to change her perfume he doesnt like it, he is her husband now she needs to listen to him. Twinkle controls her anger, she says whatever Yuvi wanted happened she is in shock she needs space. Twinkle says she will come to the function as Mrs Yuvraj Luthra, she says hope he will understand, Yuvi says she can take her own time if she decieves or plays any game it wont be good for her.

Twinkle comes downstairs, Yuvi gives her his hand she was about to hold it just then she pretends her sandal strap is open, Yuvi ties it, he gives her his hand again Twinkle ignores him and walks away.

Anita tells Leela to get the cake, Leela brings it, Twinkle trips Anita she falls on the cake she has cake everywhere on her face, all the guests laugh at her. Twinkle says she will help clean it, she ends up putting more cake on Anitas face.

The ring ceremony begins, Yuvi says ge cant find the other box Twinkle says its on top of the chandelier, Yuvi is shocked. Twinkle smiles she says now Yuvi will find out what it is like to marry Twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Precap- Kunj gets the ring from the chandelier he says he can do anything for Twinkle getting the ring from the chandelier is a small thing, he puts the ring on Twinkles finger she is very happy Yuvi is fuming in anger.

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