Tashan-e-Ishq 27th January 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kunj comes to ariport, inspector stops him and asks him to give ticket, Kunj says i dont have it, my wife is inside, let me go, inspector says rules are rules, you have to buy ticket, Kunj says i dont have time for it, he thinks and runs from there. Kunj comes in airport, he starts finding Twinkle and says i find her once then i will take her class, he bangs into Twinkle, they both fall on floor, Twinkle says you? Kunj says yes me, your husband whom you were leaving, where were you going? he gets up, and gives her hand to her, Sajna ve plays, he makes her stand up, Twinkle comes closer to him, they share eyelock, inspector comes there, Kunj says she is my wife, she is crazy fully, inspector says its husband wife matter, he leaves. Kunj says to Twinkle that what were you doing? i was having panic attacks thinking if you had left in flight, Twinkle says but flight didnt take off, Kunj says even flight must have got afraid of you, Twinkle asks what he is doing here? you should be with Maya, our marriage was sacrifice which we did for our family, there was nothing like marriage between us, i was blaming you for Yuvi’s mistake but now i know everything and you deserve to be happy, your happiness lies with Maya, you should live with her, i wont come inbetween you and her, Maya is lucky to have got you, any girl would be lucky to get partner like you, Kunj says really? you have to stay till i and Maya get married, you have to dance in our marriage, its total filmy situation, Twinkle says i am serious, Kunj says even i am serious, Maya is my friend and she is taking divorce from her husband, i am just helping her, Twinkle says but i saw divorce papers in your bag, Kunj says dont tell me that you were thinking i made those papers for you? Twinkle says i tried to talk to you but you didnt talk, Kunj says how would i know what you are thinking? you are a child, Twinkle says dont call me child, what were you thinking that you will become sacrificing queen and will leave us so that i will stay with Maya? he starts leaving, Twinkle stops him and hugs him, she says i am sorry, you are right i always create problems but you stopped me even today, she holds her ears and cries, she says forgive me, Kunj says lets go back, he gives her handkerchief and asks her to wipe her tears, Twinkle cleans her nose with it too, Kunj is disgusted and says you are a kid and your nose flows like child too, Twinkle says dont call me child me Kunj Sarna else, Kunj says what will you do? Twinkle says i will complain to Babee, Kunj says everyone is waiting for you to take your class, Twinkle says i will tell them that you did mistake, you created misunderstandings, they both bicker and leaves from there.
Cherry says to Anita that i will find truth behind Leela and RT. he says i will call you later, he listens Leela talking to RT that Twinkle has left house, she says i dont know where my daughter is, RT says she is our daughter, Cherry listens this and says it means Leela and Twinkle are family of RT, i have to give this news to Anita.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes back home with Kunj, Leela comes to her and says how can you take such a big decision alone? you didnt even inform me, you went after writing letter to not care about you, how can i not care about you? you are a child and you have proved it today, Kunj says i told her same thing that she is a child. Maya says to Twinkle that i am sorry, Twinkle says i should be sorry, Maya says it happens, no problem, she gives her Chunri and bangles and says this is yours only, dont let anyone take your right. Babee comes to Twinkle and says dont be afraid, i wont scold you, you both ave proved that you love each other, you care about each other, its couple made in heaven, Maya says how romantic,
RT says to kunj that when you will become then you will know how much you get when you see your daughter sleeping peacefully, i am waiting for day to tell her that i am her father, Cherry listens this and smirks.
In morning, Babee says to Twinkle that i will tell you how to make bitter guard, Kunj likes it alot, she says Maya’s scene was nice, atleast we got to know about your feelings, Twinkle thinks now all think that i have feelings for Kunj. Babee says to Twinkle that now your feelings are on your face, Twinkle thinks how Babee knows everything? Kunj comes there and says Twinkle you are sitting here? Babee says yes, you brought her back home, Kunj says i will not bring her again and again, Twinkle says as if i will run for you everytime, i am not fool, Kunj says did you listen she called herself fool, Twinkle says i said i will not do foolishness again and again, Kunj says she is so irritating, Twinkle says i am sweet and innocent girl, Babee likes to be with me, Kunj says you are child, Twinkle says dont call me child, Babee says i am enjoying this, Twinkle says dont call me child else i will.. Kunj asks what will you do? Kunj puts chili powder in his mouth, Kunj screams, she gives him water and says dont mess with me, Kunj says did you see babee? you should have beaten her in childhood then she wouldnt be mischievous now, Twinkle says i used to get beaten up in childhood, Twinkle says i used to be very mischievous kid childhood, i used to get scolded too, Chinki was lucky in this matter, she used to run and hide behind her father but i dont have father, i wish i had father too, Kunj thinks that i know you miss your father alot and i promise you to make you meet your father soon.

PRECAP- Cherry calls Twinkle and says if you wanna know about your mother’s whereabouts then go to Mandir. RT and Leela are getting married in mandir, Twinkle comes there and sees RT filling Leela’s forehead with Sindoor, she is shocked.

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