Tashan-e-Ishq 26th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Yuvi asks Twinkle will she not meet him? Twinkle turns to him, Yuvi comes to her and says hi baby doll, will you not even offer water, Twinkle asks him to leave, Yuvi says i dont know why people throw attitude when they need help, but you can throw attitude as it suits you, Twinkle asks him to leave, Yuvi says why? i am son of this house, i have returned from jail, how can i leave without doing anything? its celebrations time, i will meet everyone, remember welcome back stunt? i organized it, i thought you will react, you would sing Sajan ji ghar aaye song fro me but you broke my heart, you are not even asking me water, Twinkle says no one will welcome you in this house, Yuvi says dont say like this, it is that you havent told anyone about me being free from jail and now afraid that anyone can know it? you wanna keep secret?
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle in his room.
Yuvi says i wont tell anyone about my freedom but you will have to do more favors as i am doing alot for you, you have to do something for me too, Kunj calls out Twinkle’s name, Yuvi says i will go and meet him, Twinkle stops him and says you cant meet him, Yuvi says say it with love, Twinkle says please leave, you should not meet him, Yuvi says thats like my girl, remember you need 3more bottles of blood so you will need to fulfill 2more conditions, and you know what i can do if you resist, tomorrow you will receive courier, sign it and keep it, bye baby, he leaves.
Its morning, Kunj is doing breakfast, he asks Usha if they got any courier? she says no, he says my friend has sent book for me. Twinkle thinks that dont know what Yuvi is upto now, i will receive courier as dont know what will happen if anyone else receives it. Bell rings, Twinkle goes to check. She receives parcel from courier boy, she says to Babee that Mahi has sent gift for me, Babee asks her to go and check, Twinkle leaves with parcel.
Twinkle comes in room and opens parcel, its book inside it, she says why would Yuvi send book for me? whats this drama? Kunj comes there with another parcel, Twinkle thinks that my Yuvi’s parcel is with Kunj and i mistakenly received Kunj’s parcel, Kunj asks whats this? Twinkle says actually.. Kunj laughs and says why are you scared, you received my parcel, your sister is mad like you, she didnt even write her name on parcel, he gives her parcel and takes book from her, he asks her to open it, maybe she has sent something like honeymoon suite, Twinkle thinks what will i tell him? what Yuvi has sent? Kunj gets busy in reading his book, Twinkle opens parcel and sees short dress in it, she closes it and looks at Kunj, note from parcel falls down, she hides it, she opens parcel and its short dress, Kunj sees it and says your sister is modern, its nice dress, did she send it so that you can wear on my birthday which is after two days? will you wear it for me? Twinkle says i can do anything for you, i just want you live a good life and be safe, Kunj pulls her cheek and says i know, he leaves. Twinkle reads Yuvi’s note, it says that this dress is hit like you, you will wear this dress today and will come to hotel, we will recall our old days, Twinkle thinks that i am doing all this for Kunj’s life but Yuvi can stoop to any level, God show me way.

Scene 2
Its night, Twinkle wears jumper dress, she says thank God Kunj is not at home, he has meeting otherwise i wouldnt be able to go out of house. She looks at herself in mirror and is uncomfortable in dress, she says i cant believe i am doing this on Yuvi’s saying, i have to strong, once i take blood from him for Kunj then i will show him his place but till then i have to strong and have to follow Yuvi’s orders.
Twinkle comes in hall, Usha comes there, Twinkle is wearing overcoat, Usha asks Twinkle where are you going? Twinkle says i am going to meet client for wedding planning, i have taken overcoat as its cold at night, Usha says you did right, go fast and comeback soon, you dont have to work so hard, she leaves, Twinkle reads hotel name in mobile and leaves.
Kunj comes to same hotel where is Twinkle is about to come, he calls his friend and says this hotel seems to be not good, friend says you have reached wrong hotel, come to other hotel, Kunj says okay, he sits in his car. Twinkle arrives, she crosses Kunj’s car, Kunj sees her from back and gets suspicious, he comes out of his car and says its same dress which Mahi gifted Twinkle, he follows Twinkle.
Twinkle comes in hotel, couples are sitting there, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi is so cheap, he has deliberately made me wear this dress and come to this hotel, she comes to receptionist and ask about room 302, receptionist says he is waiting for you, close door of room, police can raid anytime, Twinkle goes to elevator. Kunj comes to receptionist and ask about girl in black dress, receptionist says she has gone to meet someone.
Twinkle comes to Yuvi’s room, he opens door and looks at her from top to toe, he says receptionist said that some bomb is coming to my room, he was right, you are looking bomb, come on in, Twinkle comes in his room, he closes door. Kunj comes in corridor and looks around for girl.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that i have come here on your saying but you will do what i say, she shows him papers and says you have to sign it, he says whats this? Twinkle says is conformation paper, it says that i will spend one hour here with you andin return you will 2nd bottle of blood to my husband, sign it, Yuvi says we will sign later, night is remaining, lets talk lovingly, Twinkle says shut up and sign, Yuvi says you are stubborn, you wont listen, he signs paper, Twinkle says i will spend one hour with you but not more than an hour, Yuvi says anything for you, in this one hour, you have to fulfill my all wishes, first go and bring ice for me, we will make drinks then we will.. you know what i am waiting for, go, Twinkle goes.
Twinkle comes to reception, Kunj sees her from behind, he comes to her and puts hand on her shoulder, she turns, Kunj is stunned.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes back to her room, she sits in darkness, she is uneasy in short dress and feels guilty, she changes dress and tears Yuvi’s dress, Kunj comes there and asks why its so dark here?

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