Tashan-e-Ishq 21st March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kunj comes to Twinkle and sits beside her with his back to her, Twinkle leaves from there and another girl sits there, Kunj says i am sorry for calling you Sayappa queen, i was just joking, we are a couple and we have to stick together in this situation, we need to find solution, he holds her hand, girl gets up and shouts what were you doing? she calls Chaudary and says he was saying something to me in english, he held my hand, Twinkle thinks that Kunj must have thought this is me, he did one more mistake, Chaudary asks Kunj why he held her hand? Kunj says i thought it was Rajjo, Chaudary laughs and says not a problem, he says lets start function, he says where is Twinkle? we have to start tikka ceremony. Jiji brings Twinkle there, Chaudary asks her to do Kunj’s tikka, Twinkle is tensed, she sadly looks at Kunj and comes to him reluctantly, Jiji gives her plate, they look at each other sadly, Chaudary asks her to do it, Twinkle very reluctantly is about to put tikka on his forehead when Kunj coughs, he freezes, all say what happened to him? Kunj throws away tikka plate, he holds gun and winks at Twinkle, Twinkle thinks that i knew as passionately as i want to be part of your life, you want to be part of my life passionately too, you can get angry on me but cant stay away from me, thank you for this. Kunj falls unconscious, Rajjo he has got migraine attack, Twinkle asks him to wake up, he wakes up and asks who are you? she says i am Twinkle, he says from Twinkle Twinkle little star, she says no i am your Twinkle, Chaudary asks if he has lost memory? Twinkle says no, i will take him to room, she tries to wake up Kunj, she falls on Kunj and Twinkle’s sindoor falls on forehead of Kunj as Tikka, Twinkle smiles, Twinkle and Rajjo takes Kunj from there, Chaudary says i am not seeing this marriage happening.
Yuvi calls his man and says alot of time is wasted, now we need to go to Twinkle and Kunj, i am going there, you come too, he ends call, Mahi comes and says you didnt come home for last two days, i have brought sacred thread for you, you are behaving weirdly these days, this will help you, Yuvi shouts that you think this thread will help me? my life problem is you, since the time you have come in my life, its all about pooja and praying, i will finish yuvi strangles her and says you and your sister are problem of my life, i will destroy Twinkle’s life, just see, he pushes her away and leaves, Mahi coughs and is shocked.
Chaudary shows Sangram picture of Anita and Yuvi, he says to Sangram you remember Yuvi used to play with you in childhood?, Sangram says yes we used to call him Sonu i should call Yuvi in marriage, Twinkle comes there, Chaudary gives her 50thousand’s cheque and says you have done good work, Twinkle thinks i wish i could give this cheque to Manohar, we would be so proud of me.
Yuvi comes out of house, Mahi follows him and thinks what has happened to Yuvi? why he is behaving like this? and what Twinkle has done that he is angry on her? i have to find out, she hides in Yuvi’s car back, Yuvi comes in car and drives away.
Yuvi comes in market and looks around. Mahi comes out from car’s back, sees Yuvi there. Yuvi gets call from Chaudary, its Twinkle calling him to invite him as guest, she says hello, he says hello, Twinkle asks if he is able to listen? Twinkle’s call ends, Yuvi says why Chaudary is calling me? Twinkle says to Chaudary that your phone’s battery is dead, i couldnt talk to your guest, Twinkle leaves from there, Chaudary looks at Anita and Yuvi’s picture.
Yuvi is searching for Twinkle and Kunj in market, Mahi is following him. He comes to decorator and asks if someone did booking for marriage? manager says yes? Yuvi asks if its on Twinkle or Kunj’s name? manager says many customers come here, i will let you know in evening, Yuvi says okay, Yuvi gets call from Chaudary, Chaudary says you dont miss me, Rajjo is getting married, you have to come, its in two days, Yuvi says its difficult for me to come.. he says i will come, he fells someone’s presence around him, he turns back but doesnt find Mahi there, Yuvi says to Chaudary that i will come in marriage. Yuvi calls someone and says i will meet you at resort, we will have fun, he ends call, Mahi listens this, Yuvi smirks and leaves, Mahi says resort? whom he is going to meet at resort? i should go there, maybe i will find reason behind his changed behavior.
Twinkle thanks God for making their business success, she says make everything fine between me and Kunj. Kunj comes there, Sangram gives him his sherwani and leaves, Kunj looks at it and is tensed, Twinkle comes to him and shows him cheque of 50k, she says our business will flourish, she asks why he is tensed? Kunj says its a mess, we are in trouble, he shows her sherwani and says its marriage in two days, he says things are going out of control and i am not able to do anything, Twinkle says you have saved Rajjo’s life and its our responsibility to make Rajjo meet Raja, dont worry i am with you, everything will be fine, Kunj says i am feeling a big thing is going to happen, our life is going to be complicated.

PRECAP- Jiji tells Chaudary that Rajjo is pregnant, she is going to be mother. Twinkle and Kunj looks on shocked. .

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