Tamanna 4th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Roy asking Dhara to take the coach’s job in any school. He says he will arrange the coach job for her. Dhara asks the place. Roy tells about the place and route. Lavanya says such place is not in Mumbai. Roy says yes, its in Meerut. Deepak asks what, UP, how can Dhara stay there. Roy says its new place, I think Dhara needs this right now. Deepak says but its far. Dhara says Roy is saying right, and agrees. They smile.

Saroj and Baa ask Dhara to not give any outside food to Shubhangi. They give the tiffin. Deepak gives the book on cricket. Dhara smiles seeing all of them giving advises to her. She asks will they make them mad. Deepak gives spiderman book to Shubhangi. Dhara says I forgot the cricket kit. Deepak asks where did you keep it. Dhara says in that house. Deepak says we have one hour, I will get it. Dhara says no, its not necessarily, I will manage. Deepak says that’s your courage and identity, I will get it from Mihir’s house, no good thing should be left there, I will just come. He leaves. Baa says he is stubborn, come we will keep the bags. Dhara sits in the train.

Baa says Deepak did not come till now, train will leave in some time. Dhara writes a note and asks Baa to give this to Deepak. Baa cries. Dhara asks why are you crying, you encouraged me, see mummy, she is strong, she did not cry. Saroj starts crying. Dhara says I m giving your example to Baa and you are crying too. Dhara says fine, I will cry then too. She cries and hugs them. Baa and Saroj get down the train. Dhara makes Shubhangi sleep and asks a lady to see her. The train leaves. Baa waves bye to them. Deepak comes there and sees the train left. Baa gives him the note. Dhara writes to him that don’t worry, I m going to join my dreams again, I will do batting even if pitch is bad. He cries and gives note to Baa.

Dhara is on the way to Meerut. She cries and recalls her childhood and the bat gifted by Deepak, how Baa insisted for her marriage, how she met Mihir and fell in love with him, then her marriage, Mihir’s lies, Diwakar and divorce.

Dhara reaches Meerut and goes out of the train station. She says she missed the food bag. Shubhangi says I have seen train left. Dhara worries. A coolie comes there and looks at them. Dhara holds Shubhangi close. The man stares at her and asks shall I lift bags, I will just take 10rs. She says no. He says I will drop you outside. She says not needed. He takes the bag and she stops him moving his hand away. She asks him to do his work. He says I m asking for work, no one gives me work, why are you angry. He lies down on the platform side. She keeps money and goes with Shubhangi.

Police runs to catch thief. Dhara hugs Shubhangi. She sees the rickshaw drivers sleeping. She goes to hire a rickshaw. She asks a man to drop her to that address. He checks address and reads. He says are you alone, women don’t travel at this time of night. She looks on.

Dhara asks the neighbor guy about milk, she wants some milk for her daughter. The man refuses and shuts the door.

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