Tamanna 29th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara telling Nandita that girl can’t go to her parents’ house till 7 months of pregnancy, that was tough phase for me, I had a life in my womb, Mihir’s truth was known to me and I wanted the child to come in world soon, I was feeling lonely, Mihir was acting cheap and behaving more real. She says after her 7th month started, she told Mihir that she wants to go to her parents home. FB shows Mihir making excuses. She says fine, I will go later. Dhara’s family are in Mumbai and talk to Deepak’s friends. They have come to take Dhara home and say Mihir is busy in job and did not come to drop Dhara. Deepak gets Dhara and Baa hugs her. Baa tells Dhara that she made three dishes for her. Saroj asks Dhara is everything fine. Tamanna says yes, I m just bit tired. They all leave and come to Jamnagar home. Deepak and everyone talk to Dhara and love her a lot. Dhara says I will sleep for a while.

Deepak thinks why is Dhara silent. Baa says it happens in pregnancy. Deepak goes to Dhara and finds her upset. He calls her out and she acts to sleep. He says I know you are awake, why are you acting to sleep, since you came, I feel you are not fine, I m worried, get up now, enough. He wakes her up and she acts. He says I know you were not sleeping. She says I left dreaming. He says I m your father, don’t fool me, tell me what happened. She cries and holds his hand. She asks him to take him in fresh air and under the sky.

Deepak takes Dhara on his scooty and says I can’t drive, there are pits on the way, why are you adamant. She says its necessary, I want fresh air, straight way and a shoulder on which I can fearless rest my head. He says fine, we will go, be careful. They reach the lake and sit. He throws the stones in water. He asks what happened, I m tensed. She says I have hidden lot of things in my heart, I have seen you and my heart got light. He asks what is it. She says pitch was not like we thought. He gets Baa’s call and disconnects. Baa says don’t know what happened. Saroj says I felt Dhara is sad when she called us in last few months. Baa says where did they go, something happened, Mihir did not come to drop Dhara, we will go to temple and talk to Lord.

Deepak asks did Mihir doubt on you. She says some lives have to be lived like this, without any hope and expectations, there is any reason to hold the life, I have a reason, I m becoming a mother, I will give my child a good life. He says I won’t let you live this like, I will talk to Mihir. She says nothing will happen by talk now, because there was a man, whose true face I have seen, what can happen now, we can make him hide his true face again, what else can we do, problem can be solved, but this is truth, truth can’t be changed. Deepak says no, everything can be changed. She says some people never change, I can’t even run away, I have to give the father to my child. I told you all this, I m feeling good, we will tell Saroj and Baa too. He asks her not to lose hope, there will be some way. He says we will go to temple, come.

They reach temple. Baa and Saroj see them. Baa asks where did you go, come. Deepak says I have to tell something before going inside temple. Baa gets worried.

Mihir calls at Dhara’s home and no one attends the call. Dhara cries. Saroj asks since when was this going on, why did you not tell us before. Baa says she said us on right time. She says you have a baby in womb, don’t stay upset, baby gets afraid. Dhara says I know, my heart is light now after telling you all. Baa says we can now get busy in welcoming the baby, you have to forget, we all will try, what did we think, when Dhara comes, we will sing and have snacks, we will do the same, we will see what happens then.

Pandit asks them why did they wait here, tell me what mistake happened and who did, I will tell Lord. Dhara says maybe Lord did mistake. Baa says no one did mistake, you go, we will come. Baa asks Deepak to call his friend and ask him to get car, we will go and celebrate. Dhara goes to pray in temple. Jo mai baat tumse puchun…..plays…………. Baa worries. Deepak signs to Baa. They all get sad seeing Dhara.

Mihir calls Deepak and asks why did you not take my call. Deepak asks Mihir did you doubt on Dhara. Mihir says no, I doubted on Diwakar. Deepak scolds him. Dhara screams and they all rush.

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