Tamanna 28th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mihir lying to Diwakar about Dhara’s headache. Dhara comes, and Mihir asks her to go and rest. Diwakar also asks her to rest, they will order food. Dhara says there is just one cure for my headache, cricket. She sits and tells a story to Varun. Mihir gets angry. Later, Mihir gets a message. He calls out Dhara. He says I knew that creep will do this. She asks what happened. He says my boss, your friend has sent you message at night, he wrote you are the best thing happened to me, you are loveliest person on this planet. She checks it and says its from Varun, not Diwakar. She says a kid has sent an innocent changed. Mihir asks is this time to message, that too from his father’s phone, why are you looking like this. She says you did not check message well and saying bad about Diwakar. He says I want simple life, I m simple man, his problems are getting solved in my house, apart from dining. She says what shall I do, you got him here. They argue.

She says I would never give him place in my house for promotion, I m not so cheap. He argues and asks her to talk about things she knows, just stay away from Diwakar, it will be better for us. FB ends. Dhara tells Nandita that Mihir wanted two things, promotion from boss and slavery from me, I was ready to do slavery. Nandita says I regret, girls get training for this from family. Dhara says I was not ready that I become a slave myself, I was ready to end talking to Diwakar, I did not agree that Mihir shoots keeping gun on my shoulder, he should be man enough to tell this to his boss, so I refused to stop talking to Diwakar.

FB shows Diwakar and Varun coming to Mihir’s house. Dhara asks them to sit. Diwakar says coaching was good, and asks Varun to touch Dhara’s feet. Dhara says no, cricketers never touch feet and hugs Varun. Mihir says you are getting late for flight. Diwakar says yes, come. Dhara gives her golden advice to Varun. She asks him to always do things with honesty. She goes to drop Varun downstairs. FB ends.

Dhara says just I know how I spent those two months, I lost my friend Varun, Lavanya went for three months training. Dhara stays upset. FB shows Diwakar coming to Dhara and giving her a gift for her big help. He tells her that its crickets record. She thanks him. Mihir comes home and argues with Dhara for accepting gift from Diwakar. She scolds him angrily and asks will you doubt on me, you have cheat mentality, take this mentality to your boss, if you don’t have courage, I will talk to Diwakar and accept gifts too. Dhara says Mihir was not that man that he goes behind career wise, life always surprises, sometimes pleasant and unpleasant, I had to tell something to Mihir. She gets her pregnancy reports.

Mihir comes home and stops Dhara. He asks her to listen. He calls and says I m leaving the job, you have entered my home, don’t come my home, I can’t ruin my home because of my job, don’t contact me and my job. He asks Dhara is she happy now, he answered all her taunts. She asks when is he joining other job. She taunts him on his thinking. She gives him pregnancy news and congratulates him that he is becoming father, despite the differences between them.

Baa talks to Deepak’s friend. They all land in Mumbai. Baa meets Dhara and hugs her

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