Swim Team 5th November 2015 Written Episode

TK and Jugnu tell the swimmers that they have to work hard for Zonals. They tell them that their competitors are really strong, their competitors are terrible in bullying just to win. Jugnu also announces that one swimmer will be eliminated from their academy. He says Umang Tandan is an International award holder so she is safe. But the girls like Rewa who are last in ranking must work really hard. Only first three rankers go to Zonals. He says her elimination chances are greatest so she must be prepared. Jai winks at Kanika.
Rewa sat in cafeteria upset. Bhagat comes looking for her. She asks why he is looking for a bottom line swimmer. Bhagat says he knows she is worried but she must not get tensed. She hasn’t seen what he has. Rewa asks what he has seen. Bhagat asks if she doesn’t know. He drags her inside, Rewa asks him to leave her but Bhagat had blindfolded her. She looks at all the flowers and bouquet for her. She asks if he has brought this all for her, cheerfully. Bhagat says these have come from all over India, her swim diaries video has made her a star. She reads her fan’s cards, a ten year old, and a boy who had asthma and couldn’t fulfil his dream. She gets teary. Bhagat diverts her attention and reads another one for her, wishing her luck. Rewa says she can’t believe this, so many people have sent her wishes. Bhagat says they have come since last night, she has become a hero, a champ. They share an eye lock. Bhagat says may be if she was wishing alone he could have agreed that she is ranking low, but this isn’t possible. How she can be on the lowest rank when so many people are wishing for her. Rewa says he is right, she had lost her hope once listening to Jugnu. But now, she has to win for everyone. Bhagat takes a red rose from a bouquet and says that he has to tell her something. He looks into her eyes saying he trusts her complete, he has a complete faith that she will win. Rewa smiles and takes the flower.
Bhagat is shocked to hear the bill of five thousand rupees for delivering so many flowers. He says to the man that 220 rupees are less. Umang gives that money, she says to Bhagat that Jugnu let Rewa’s mood go off but he arranged so many flowers just for her. She says when she did so much for him and Rewa then why Rewa suspects her all the time. Bhagat thinks that she shouldn’t atleast lie to him. He asks Umang if she really did this for them. Umang is irritated, Bhagat says he feels there is some advantage of herself as well. Umang leaves saying she took risk for others only. Bhagat wonders that he has seen her with him.
Deepam is worried if she isn’t hot or good looking? Then why isn’t Neel interested in her. Then who was he talking about in Coffee with Karan. She thinks it is about him, she thinks that it was her only because they had met him here. She is worried why he isn’t showing interest in him. Pixie who was in pool shuts her up saying if something else is left in her life than marrying and her looks. She says that they must be worried about zonals right now, but atleast she must let her practice. She tells Deepam to go and ask these useless questions to Neel. Neel was doing exercise when Deepam comes there. She says that she needs to speak to him. He asks what. She begins to say, then goes away composing herself. She says he must teach her headstand. Neel asks now? She says yes, now. He agrees.
Kanika comes to Jai, he complains that she is always late. There is a letter for her from association. She is worried reading it. Jai says that her immunity has been cancelled. Kanika is upset that now only Umang is safe. Jai gets it that she got it only because Rewa had been out, but now association must have decided that she must also compete. Kanika asks how they can do this suddenly. Jai says this is association, Kanika says they can’t do this to her. Jai asks why is she getting stressed, her ranking is so good; she must not get stressed. Kanika says he also got hyper when he watched the video on show, now she is stressed and she will get hyper. Jai gets harsh that he is fed up of watching her tantrums and mood swings. She is a psycho. She says that because she is stressed doesn’t mean she is psycho, she doesn’t want to see his face anymore as he is insensitive. Jai says he also doesn’t want to see her either.

PRECAP: Rewa says that she could never tell him what he means to her. He knows her and understands her well, she also does. She comes to make him sit and says she has taken it too non serious but she trusts him for her life.

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