Swaragini 8th April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laksh asking answer from Ragini. Ragini asks what? Laksh says for the question which I asked you in the morning. Ragini says I wanted to say no, but family have convinced me. She says now we are married, so there is no option to say no. Laksh says it is okay, I will take back my hand. Ragini asks him not to say that…and says I will never leave your hand. Laksh says me too. Sanskar tells Swara that he will give gift to Laksh. Swara says they are spending time with each other after many days. She says Laksh have taken care of her, got slapped from Papa, and convinced Ragini. She says they are special. She asks what did you do for me? Sanskar asks what did you do for me. Swara says I have convinced you to marry me, stopped you from marrying Kavita, had eloped from jail to marry you etc. She asks what did you do for me. Sanskar says I accepted your proposal and married you. Swara says if I haven’t married you then you would have married mad Kavita. Sanskar agrees. Swara asks him to do something special for her and says then our scores are settled. Sanskar asks if my ghost took you for a helicopter ride. Sanskar wishes Laksh, a very happy married life.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand while the music of inlamhon ke daman plays……………They get romantic. They look at each other. Laksh gets happy and says I am very lucky person of this world. Ragini says I am most luckiest person of this world. Laksh starts crying. Ragini says Laksh, wipes his tears and hugs him. They consummate their marriage. Sujata scolds servant. Annapurna says we couldn’t do Ghangaur puja. Utara says that’s why we have done arrangements. Swara and Ragini come dowstairs. Annapurna asks them about Laksh and Sanskar. Laksh signs on the papers and says he has now transferred property on Durga Prasad and Ram’s name. Sanskar hugs Laksh. Laksh says everything is back on place. Utara teases Sanskar for keeping fast for Swara. Swara smiles shyly. Annapurna explains to them about the fast and puja thereafter. Sujata says she has called someone. Utara asks if she can keep fast. Sanskar teases her and says Ranbir Kapoor will not marry you. Laksh and Ragini look at each other. Adarsh asks Sanskar to stop fighting with Swara. Ragini asks Laksh why you are looking at me. Laksh says just like that. Sanskar tells Swara that lehenga is good. Swara says you don’t have mind to understand something. Sanskar says all of my mind gets spend because of you.

Ragini and Swara come downstairs happily and hugs Shekhar, Dadi and Dada ji. Sanskar and Laksh come there. Swara pretends to be upset with Sanskar and ignores him. Laksh tells Ragini that she is looking beautiful and says he has to go. Sanskar tries to speak to Swara, but she ignores him and gives flower in his hand. Ragini sees their cute fight and asks if she is angry with him. She says we have to do this to get husband’s attention. Swara says she is teasing Sanskar. Parineeta seems to be upset with Sujata, as she introduces Sujata and Ragini to the guests. Utara asks Parineeta how she can they keep fast and says we are lucky as Swara and Ragini are part of our family. Parineeta looks upset. Utara says you are also special for me and have been my best friend since years. Sumi comes there. Sujata says Sumi is here. They see Sumi coming in marathi attire. Dadi compliments her beauty and asks if she is really her bengali bahu. Ragini says you are really looking beautiful and asks Shekhar…Swara also compliments her. Sujata says everyone is looking good in marathi attire. Sujata says I told them to give good news soon. Ragini and Swara hug Sumi shyly. Annapurna says lets do puja now. Someone comes and says excuse me….Everyone looks at the woman.

Maheshwari and Gadodia family do the puja. Swara, Ragini and Parineeta dance during the celebrations. Parineeta faints. Adarsh looks on.

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