Swaragini 6th November 2015 Written Episode

All the ladies do the puja and come to their respective husbands. Ragini asks Laksh to look at her and says she has kept fast for him. Sanskar stumbles and faints. Swara asks him to sit. Sujata asks what happened? Doctor checks and tells Sanskar is hungry since morning. Dadi tells Dada that Sanskar has kept fast. Sumi and Shekhar smiles. Durga Prasad and Annapurna smiles. Ragini asks Laksh to learn something from Sanskar and says he loves Swara very much. Sanskar says he is fine and asks everyone to break their fast. All the ladies break their fast by looking at the moon, and then their respective husband.

Swara looks angrily at Sanskar while doing the ritual. Sanskar asks why she is angry? He apologizes for fainting. Swara says what was the need to keep fast? Sanskar says you will not stop me from keeping fast. Laksh is shocked and looks at them. Sanskar asks her to hurry up as he is hungry. Ragini asks Laksh why he is seeing at the other way. Swara asks Sanskar to drink water fast. She makes him break his fast. Laksh is hurt and breaks Ragini’s fast hesitantly. He looks at Swara emotionally. Sanskar breaks Swara’s fast.

Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara and Sanskar will never separate. Sujata says she wants Swara to be her bahu always. Durga Prasad says lets go inside. Laksh stops Sanskar and asks him to come with him. He stares her angrily. Sanskar asks him to listen to him. Laksh asks why did you keep fast for Swara. You said that you don’t love her. He says why you are confusing me? You knew that I love Swara and want her back in my life and asks him to say what is going on? Sanskar asks what is your problem. He says first you made her away from you and then want her back in your life. He asks if he doesn’t care about Swara’s thoughts.

Laksh asks him to reply straight. Sanskar accepts to love Swara and says whatever he said in a drunkard state was truth. Ragini hears them. Sanskar says he is sad thinking Swara will never love him, but don’t want to prove his love to others. He says I have realized that I will not get her and have understood. Laksh says this lecture is for me. Sanskar says may be. Laksh says when I asked you to convince Swara to file for divorce, you have refused. Sanskar says he don’t want to force anyone, like him.

Laksh says I have understood that you are thinking to get Swara, and asks him not to forget that Swara has kept fast for him because of Ragini. Sanskar says you have not heard me fully and says Swara will never accept him. Laksh says he don’t understand it. Sanskar asks what is the difference between you and Ragini, and says you both want to get your love. Laksh says he want Swara in his life as she loves him, and says you also loves her and want to get her. Sanskar says he don’t want to get her and says it is his love, and his problem. Laksh questions him and asks why did you keep fast for her when you don’t hope anything. He says truth is that you want to compete with my love and asks how can he fall so low. Sanskar asks what nonsense? Sanskar holds Laksh’s collar. Ragini hears them.

Sanskar says you will never understand and says he can convince Swara, but he don’t want to as relations are connected by heart. He says he don’t want to have relations by force. Laksh goes angrily. Ragini tells Laksh that everyone blessed Swara and said that she is fortunate as she has a good husband like Sanskar. She says Sanskar loves her very much, and that’s why kept fast for her. She tells him that he should also have kept fast for her. Laksh tells her that he will come in sometime. Ragini says family members are waiting for them over dinner. Laksh says I am not hungry. Ragini says I love you very much, and felt good seeing you fighting for love. She says today you will understand my pain. She says “mohabbat buri hain, phir bhi hum kiye jaarahe hai…kiya jaarahe hai…………………” love is bad, even though we are doing it.

Sanskar asks Swara to come in his life, be his wife and not to break their marriage. Swara looks on shockingly. Laksh hears them and is angry.

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