Swaragini 5th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ragini and Laksh hugging each other and unite. Ragini asks him to go and gets teary eyes. Sanskar thinks why Swara’s phone is not connecting and thinks things must be sorted now by now. Laksh comes home. Mansi says today is your last day, I mean as you told your truth to your family, so today is your last day as Abhimanyu. Laksh calls Mishka’s name. Mansi says Mishka was upset so aarti took her out. Laksh says we will go with Mishka. Mansi insists that they shall go now. She gets Nikhil’s call and acts as talking to Doctor. She says we will reach your farmhouse soon, and thanks him. Nikhil says he is with her. They leave. Swara shouts for help. Laksh and mansi are about to leave. Sanskar comes there and apologizes to Mansi for doubting on her. Mansi says it was my husband’s
mistake that he came infront of Laksh’s car. Sanskar tells that he came to take Swara. Mansi says Swara is aarti and I am sure you is her husband. Laksh smiles.

Swara frees her hands and shouts asking Sanskar to stop Laksh, but Laksh is already left with Mansi. Mansi sees Sanskar calling Laksh and switches off his phone. Swara comes out and tells Sanskar that Mansi is a cunning woman who wants to kill Laksh today. Sanskar gets shocked. Swara tells that Mansi have hidden Mishka somewhere in the house. She calls Ragini. Ragini happily tells her that Laksh came there. Swara asks her not to worry and tells about Mansi’s dangerous plan to kill Laksh, and asks her to come to Mansi’s house to save Mishka. Ragini is shocked.

Mansi asks Laksh to drive fast and says if Doctor leaves from farm house then it will be a trouble. She asks him take a right turn. Sanskar and Swara are following them in car. Swara asks Sanskar to drive fast. Laksh sees the secluded place and looks on. Ragini comes to Mansi’s house and calls Mishka’s name. Swara tells Sanskar that they must be there. Ragini searches for Mishka in the house and hears her voice coming from cupboard. She gets shocked and opens the cupboard. Mishka takes a heavy breathe as her mouth is tied up. Ragini frees her hands and opens cloth from her mouth. Mishka faints on Ragini. Ragini shouts Mishka.

Mansi asks Laksh to stop the car as they reach the cliff of mountain. She asks him to get down the car. Laksh gets down and asks Mansi what kind of place is this? Which Doctor will come here. Nikhil comes and hits on his head. Laksh turns and sees his face. Laksh says Nikhil..you are alive. Nikhil smirks. Mansi shakes hand with him and says hello Doctor. Nikhil smiles. Laksh is shocked. Goons come there. Nikhil asks them to beat Laksh. They beat Laksh with hockey sticks. Mansi and Nikhil enjoy seeing him getting beaten by goons. Laksh falls down on the sand. Nikhil tells that he has managed to stop Swara and Nikhil. Laksh faints.

Swara and Sanskar come there with Police and get Nikhil and Mansi arrested. Laksh and Sanskar marry Ragini and Swara again. They enter the house as a newly weds.

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