Swaragini 4th November 2015 Written Episode

Laksh tells Swara that if he proves Ragini wrong then she has to help him kick Ragini out of his life and then she has to return in his life. He promises that he will accept Ragini and give her wifey rights if he couldn’t prove her wrong. He forwards her hand asking Swara to promise. Swara looks on. Laksh says it is easy to tell that we trust somebody, but difficult to show faith. Swara holds his hand and says I can accept your first condition, but I don’t agree to return to your life again. She says this is your childishness. Laksh says I will always try to bring you back in my life. Swara says sorry and says my sister needs me. Laksh shouts asking her to return to his life when her believe breaks regarding Ragini. Just then some goons come in car and kidnaps Swara. Laksh is shocked and runs behind the kidnappers’s car. He shouts Swara.

In the house, sindoor bottle falls. Ragini tells Annapurna that she will pick the sindoor. Annapurna stops her and says it is very inauspicious. Ragini says it is very inauspicious sign and says she is worried for Laksh. Annapurna says nothing will happen to him. The goons stops the car somewhere. Laksh comes in his car. Swara bites the goon hand and calls Laksh. Laksh gets down from his car and beats the goons. Swara cries being scared. Laksh continues to fight with the goons. When all the goons fell down. Laksh comes to Swara and hugs her asking her to relax. He says if anyone touches you then I will take his life. He kisses on her forehead asking her to relax. Swara cries.

Sujata talks to the neighbor and tells that she gets strength to keep up the fast. Ragini tells Annapurna that Laksh didn’t come till now. Annapurna asks her not to worry and says Swara is also not here. Swara comes just then. Ragini acts and asks Annapurna if Swara went out. Annapurna says I didn’t know. Sanskar looks at Swara. He asks what happened? Swara says she felt relieved seeing him. He asks what happened? Swara says when I went outside, then…..just then Sumi calls Swara. Swara hugs her. Sumi gives her something and asks if she is fine? Swara says yes. Dadi says Swara has kept fast for first time.

Annapurna asks where did you go, and asks her to get ready. Swara gives gift to Sujata and Annapurna. Sujata blesses her. Swara goes to get ready. She is relieved to see Ragini and is about to tell her about kidnapping, but Ragini says she don’t want to talk to her. Sanskar asks Swara if she want to talk to him. Just then Durga Prasad calls Sanskar. Swara asks him to go. Ragini asks Sumi where are her gifts, to be given to Sujata and Annapurna.

Dadi hesitantly gives her gifts. Laksh comes home. Annapurna asks where did you go? Before Laksh can say anything. Annapurna says you left her and went, and asks where did he go. Ragini gets tensed and thinks Laksh might tell Annapurna that she went missing. She comes and asks Laksh to get ready. Laksh says okay. Ragini tells him that she lied to Annapurna about their fight.

Annapurna makes arrangements and waits for Swara. Ragini looks at the door as she is waiting for someone. Laksh and Swara come downstairs after getting ready. Sanskar looks at Swara. Laksh asks Swara, why did you stop here? Annapurna asks Swara to come fast as they need to start the puja. Laksh notices Sanskar staring Swara. All the married women do the puja. Someone comes and handsover the envelope to the servant. He gives the envelope to Annapurna. Annapurna is shocked to see the photos of Laksh and Swara. Annapurna looks on shockingly.

Ragini asks Annapurna where they are going? Annapurna says just 2 mins. Ragini says photos will take more than 2 mins. Durga Prasad sees the photos and questions Laksh and Swara. They are shocked. Sanskar asks Swara to become his love and not break their marriage. Swara and Laksh are shocked.

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