Swaragini 3rd February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara running behind a woman to catch Urvashi and asks who are you. The woman turns her face. Swara is shocked to see Janki and recalls Sumi saying that Janki was a good lady. A fb is shown. Janki apologizing to Sumi, and then her death. Swara is scared. She thinks it is a trick and everything is done by Urvashi. She comes inside and asks where is Maasi. Urvashi asks what happened? Did you see the ghost? Swara says it is done by you. You was trying to take advantage of darkness and came indisguise of Janki. Sumi says Urvashi brought kada for me and we are together since then. Swara says this can’t happen and shows the foot prints. She says one is mine, and the other foot print is yours. Urvashi asks what is this? Swara says it is a special foot prints which shows foot prints. Urvashi says it is not mine. Swara says it is yours and that’s why you are scared. Urvashi steps on the foot print mark and it doesn’t match. Dadi says from where these foot prints came. Urvashi says it is of Jiji…Swara asks her to stop it. Urvashi talks loudly and asks Janki to prove that she is there. Fake Janki gets alerted and pulls the mask from her face. It is shown Kavita was scaring Swara as janki. She removes the mask and saree and thinks how to elope as the window is closed. Swara says I am sure that you have a partner in this game. Urvashi says my jiji is with me. Swara says these foot prints will say everything nd asks if ghosts have foot prints also. Kavita tries to open the window. Swara says all the doors and windows are closed, only terrace way is open. Kavita hides in the cupboard. Urvashi thinks if Swara catches Kavita then everything will be ruined.

Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh awake. She asks why you didn’t sleep till now. Laksh says I didn’t like when you went to lawyer. Ragini apologizes to him and thinks she don’t want to separate Swara and Sanskar, and have realized her mistake. Laksh kisses on her forehead and recalls Annapurna’s words. Swara comes inside the room. Kavita is seen hiding in the cupboard. Urvashi puts Sumi’s blanket in lamp very cleverly and silently to divert her attention. Swara is about to open the cupboard, just then Urvashi shouts fire……Sumi throws the blanket and is scared.

Swara runs towards Sumi and asks if she is fine. Urvashi says I will bring water. She opens the window and helps Kavita leave from there. She then brings water and sets off the fire. Swara asks Sumi to come. She asks how did the shawl caught the fire. Sumi says may be because one side of shawl caught it. Swara asks who has opened the window. Urvashi says I have opened so that smoke can move out. She asks Swara if she trust her now and says her jiji is doing all this. Swara takes Sumi inside. Urvashi asks Dadi to sleep. Sumi tells Annapurna that she brought 3 lakhs necklace for Swara. Annapurna tells Sanskar that they are going to Baadi. Sanskar insists to drop them there. Uttara teases him.

Next morning, Ragini and Laksh come to see Sumi. Sumi makes an excuse. Ragini says I would have come yesterday night and took care of Maa. Urvashi says she had planned something else yesterday. Swara says there was nothing to bother you. She says Shekhar will come in 2-3 days and Sumi will be fine too. Dadi informs Swara that Maheshwari family have come. Swara says we will come. Ragini takes Sumi with her. Swara asks Urvashi not to tell anything to Ragini. Urvashi asks do you want me to lie to Ragini. Swara says if you really care about Ragini, then don’t tell her, else she will feel bad that Janki Maa had attacked our mum.

Ragini hears Swara and Sanskar’s conversation. Swara tells him that Urvashi is doing all this in disguise of Janki. Urvashi tells kavita that she had saved her else Swara would have caught her. Later Swara comes there and gets Janki’s face mask. She is shocked. .

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