Swaragini 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ragini and others sadly looking at Annapurna seeing her health deteriorated. Mishka tells Swara that a lady came (swara) and asked same question from her. Swara says it must be co incidence. Just then her pallu is moved and her face is revealed. Mishka is shocked and tells her that she will tell her mum. She goes to inform her mum. Swara calls Sanskar and tells him that Mishka saw her face. Sanskar asks her to leave from there immediately and tells that Mansi can do anything. Swara says okay. Mishka hears Mansi talking to Nikhil and sharing her plan that they have to kill Laksh today itself, then only she will get Abhimanyu Khanna’s wealth. She says Laksh is not my husband, but a random guy whom I forced to act as my husband. She asks him to come there. Mishka closes the door,
and is shocked. Mansi hears the door noise, and comes to Swara. Swara asks her to let her go. Mishka chokes and takes a heavy breath. Swara asks her to relax, says he is not your Papa, but Laksh.

Mishka says I know, and says Mansi and Nikhil made plan to kill Laksh today, and says they have even killed my papa. Swara is shocked to hear that. Mansi comes there and hits Swara on her head with vase. Swara falls unconscious. Mansi then scares Mishka and asks her to keep house talks in house itself. Mansi thinks don’t know where is Laksh.

Laksh comes there. Sanskar asks why did you come here? Laksh says Ragini called me. Sanskar says Maa wants to meet her son. Laksh says I understand, but. Sanskar asks him to go and not to increase her pain. Laksh says I just want to meet her once. Sanskar closes the door and says I won’t let you go inside and asks him to get out. Laksh says it is enough, and asks him to let him go inside. Sanskar asks who are you to care if anything happens to her. Laksh says I do care, as she is my mum. Ragini gets teary eyes. Laksh says if you don’t let me meet my mum then I will forget that you are my brother. Sanskar says you had forgotten, but I was just making you remember. He asks him to meet Maa…Ragini opens the door.

Laksh looks at Ragini with teary eyes and goes inside. He sees Annapurna lying on bed. He runs to her and calls her Maa. Annapurna says Laksh. Laksh says your Laksh have come, get up. Annapurna gets teary eyes and happy. Everyone smiles. Annapurna hugs him and cries. Laksh apologizes to her and says I troubled you a lot. Annapurna cries again. Laksh asks her not to cry. Durga Prasad says Laksh….Laksh folds his hands and says I am your Laksh. He hugs him. Sumi asks why did you act to be Laksh. Laksh tells them that Mansi’s husband died with his car mistakenly, and tells everything. A fb is shown. Sumi says Ragini tried to commit suicide, how did you stop yourself. Ragini says no, he couldn’t stop himself and came here. Laksh hugs Ram and Sanskar. He gets Mansi’s call. Mansi says we have to take Mishka to hospital. Laksh says he is in Baadi as his mum is unwell, and he had to tell her everything. Mansi is angry.

Mansi tells Laksh that as he told his truth to his family, today is his last day as Abhimanyu. He don’t need to act more. They leave in car. Ragini comes to Mansi’s house and calls Mishka and Swara. Swara is unconscious while Mishka is tied and hidden.

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