Swaragini 28th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laksh trying to help Ragini. Ragini asks him not to try to help her. Laksh says you have always helped me, but I didn’t see your goodness. Ragini says I want to believe on your sayings, but my heart says that I shall not be moved in emotions. Yeh Moh Moh Dhaage plays……………She rests on floor and recalls Laksh’s words that he is marrying kavya as he wants to marry her and not with Ragini. Laksh looks at her and is equally sad. Dadi gets angry on Sumi. She tells her that she will get Ragini married very soon, and you can’t do anything. She says I will not let my Lado get trapped by Maheshwari family again. Sumi gets a call. Dadi thinks she is going to meet Ragini sure and thinks to follow.

Swara tells Sanskar that they have to do everything fast. Sanskar says yes, else Ragini can get intro trouble. He asks how is everyone there? Swara says Annapurna went to meet them in jail. Sumi comes there and says she has brought food for Sanskar Maheshwari. They check her tiffin. Dadi follows her and wonders what is she doing here. Inspector asks Constable to make her meet Laksh and Sanskar. Once Sumi goes, Dadi asks Inspector that she wants to meet her damad Sanskar Maheshwari. Sumi meets Laksh and Ragini in jail. Dadi requests Inspector to let her meet. Karthik calls Inspector and says criminal is escaped from jail. Inspector thinks he is joking and asks him to cut the call. Karthik calls again and says Sanskar Maheshwari have escaped from the jail. Inspector asks Constable to check in the lock up if Laksh and Sanskar are there. Constable says okay. Sumi gives them food. Laksh thanks her.

Sumi keeps her motherly hand on Ragini’s face. Constable asks Laksh and Sanskar to hurry up. Laksh takes her blessings. Ragini also bends down to touch her feet, and her blanket moves and her wig falls. Dadi insists to meet Sanskar and Laksh. Ragini manages to get the wig and starts coughing. Sumi asks Constable to bring water for him. Dadi happens to see Ragini’s face and gets shocked. However she don’t say anything to Inspector and insists to meet Sanskar and Laksh. Inspector argues and doesn’t let her meet. Constable says Sanskar and Laksh are here and someone might be joking. Dadi says yes and says they are here.

Dadi comes to Maheshwari house and tells Swara that she kept quiet in the police station after seeing Ragini else she might land up in trouble. She scolds Annapurna and Swara. She says Swara have done a big mistake by trapping Ragini and scolds Sanskar for staying peacefully at home. Dadi says Ragini is in a big problem, and her parents haven’t stopped her even after knowing everything. She goes. Sanskar feels bad about Dadi’s sayings. Swara says Dadi didn’t mean to say that. Annapurna apologizes to Swara. Swara says it was Ragini’s decision and she have no repentance for this decision. Laksh tells Ragini that he knows that she don’t want him to do anything. He says but let me do a small thing for you. He thanks her and apologizes to her.

Karthik calls Inspector again. Inspector tells him that Sanskar is here and asks him to keep the phone down. Laksh and Ragini hears him. Ragini says Karthik is Kavya’s brother, and must have seen Sanskar. Kavya tells Karthik that Police must have not checked properly and says we will go tonight and check.

Swara comes to meet Laksh and asks him not to do anything to divert Inspector’s mind towards him. Laksh says okay and asks her to make some plan to take Ragini out from here. He says I am very worried for her and don’t want anything happen to her. He tells about Karthik. Swara says nothing will happen to Ragini. Laksh says I trust you Swara and will forever this time.

Inspector asks Laksh to stop else he will shoot him. Laksh tries to climb on to the wall and gets shot by the Inspector. He falls and gets unconscious. Everyone is shocked.

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