Swaragini 27th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ragini asking Laksh what is this? Laksh says it is divorce papers and everything will end. He says I think Urvashi is right. I should have taken your side. He says these papers have Swara and Sanskar’s sign and says it is their divorce papers. He asks her to sign on the papers as witness, and says their divorce case will start. Ragini gets thinking. Laksh asks her to sign. He thinks sign on the papers Ragini so that I can file for our divorce and not of Swara and Sanskar. He asks what you are thinking? Ragini refuses and says she can’t sign. She says I think this is wrong, as Swara and Sanskar love each other. Laksh recalls Annapurna’s words, asking him to make Ragini right with his love. Laksh asks her to think till morning and decide, else they can’t submit the papers till month. He thinks Maa is wrong, you can’t change. If you don’t sign on the papers then I will be convinced that you are changed, and if you signed on these papers then it will be proved that you are still same cunning girl who can’t see anyone’s happiness.

Swara plays the guitar and hurts her hand with the broken string. Urvashi taunts her. Swara replies her back. Dadi asks her not to fight with Urvashi and asks her to stay silently. She asks them not to do any new drama. Swara says you had accepted me and maa. Dadi says I was unaware of Janki’s unhappiness, else I would not have let Sumi inside the house. Swara is shocked. Urvashi smirks victoriously. She again acts as if she is talking to Janki. She asks her not to cry and says she will make everything fine. She tells Dadi that her jiji will not get peace and she will not let Swara and Sanskar marry. She says we will not let tears come in Ragini’s eyes.

Swara comes to Maheshwari house with her family for the grah shanti puja. Shekhar greets them. Swara asks Sanskar if the arrangements is done. Sanskar says yes. He says something will happen today and I will catch that person. He asks Sujata if she has kept that necklace in his room. Sujata says yes. Durga Prasad asks them to come forward for puja. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Everyone sit for the puja with closed eyes. Urvashi gets up on the pretext of cough. Swara and Sanskar looks on. Pandit ji says puja is completed. He blesses Swara and Sanskar. Dadi sees big utensils. Sumi says the food will be distributed in the temple. Sanskar asks about the necklace. Sumi asks servant to bring necklace from his almira. Sanskar sees a woman wearing waiter’s dress going inside. Sujata brings the necklace box. Sanskar tells Swara that it is his dad’s ancestral necklace which her mum had given her. He opens the box and couldn’t find the necklace. Sujata says when Shyam gave me necklace box, it was there. Sanskar says we shall search everyone. Sujata says what you are saying? Durga says everyone is family here. Urvashi gets angry and says what you are saying? Swara says we will not search. Sanskar apologizes and searches in everyone’s belongings. Sujata says something inauspicious thing has happened. Urvashi says ancestral necklace vanished before it was given to swara.

Sanskar asks Laksh to call the staff members. He says I am not doubting on you, but we need to find the necklace. Swara says it is not right. Sanskar asks her to keep quiet and let him do. Sujata asks Mohan to take prasad to temple, and asks Uttara to go with them. Sanskar asks Mohan about the 4th waiter/servant. Mohan says we were just 3. Sanskar says I will see who is that. He apologizes to everyone. Sujata says my necklace is stolen. Sanskar asks her to relax and real necklace is with me. Durga Prasad asks why you have done this? Sanskar says we feel that someone don’t want us to marry, and that’s why I have hidden fake necklace in it. He says real necklace is with me. Urvashi says it is aatma’s work. Shekhar asks Urvashi to leave. Dadi says fake necklace is stolen. Uttara comes and says she found fake necklace on the stairs. Ram asks Sanskar to make Swara wear the necklace. Sujata asks him to make Swara wear it. Sanskar makes her wear the ancestral necklace. Uttara asks her to forget and compliments her beauty. She asks her to smile and take their photo together. Just then Swara feels suffocation as the necklace tightens her neck. Everyone get worried. Sanskar tries to take out the necklace.

The person supporting Urvashi in her evil place is Kavita. She reveals her face as she comes to Maheshwari house as waitress. Urvashi says their last attack will finished everything and says she is concerned for Ragini’s happiness..

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