Swaragini 25th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanskar and Swara coming to plot no. 211. Karthik feels someone is keeping an eye on him and thinks it might be his doubt. He leaves on his bike. Swara tells Sanskar that Karthik have some file in his hand and says she will follow him, and asks Sanskar to go inside the house and check as she is afraid of darkness. She follows Karthik and comes to some place. Sanskar sees a woman sitting on chair and thinks Kavya is here. He goes to her and turns the chair, but finds dummy sitting on chair. Karthik meets Kavya. Swara sees Kavya. Kavya asks him to show the file and says Swara was waiting for you at plot no. 211. She says she is far ahead of Swara. Sanskar calls Swara and tells her that it was a trap and a dummy was kept. Swara says she will call Police. Sanskar asks her to be careful and get some proofs against them. Swara takes their pic. She gets hurt as nail gets pierced in her feet. Kavya and Karthik hear some noise and see behind the sofa, but Swara hides. She comes out and calls Inspector asking him to come there. Kavya and Karthik try to come out and see the door locked. Kavya sees Swara and holds her by her neck. Swara hits on her head. Karthik manages to open the door. Sanskar comes there. Swara hugs him and tells him that she has managed to lock them in the house. Police comes there. Swara tells Inspector that Kavya is alive. She opens the door and asks Karthik where is your sister? Karthik tells Inspector that his sister is dead.

Swara asks him not to lie and shows the pic. Karthik sees the pics and says it is 10 day old pic, and asks Swara to send those pics. Constables check the place and says Kavya is not here. Inspector says you have made fun of someone death and asks her to come. Karthik asks Swara to send those photos and says I have defeated you. He says Tania is here and no one will find her. Kavya’s blood falls on her as she is on terrace, but she didn’t see and goes. Sanskar tells Swara where did Tania go? He finds blood on her shoulder and asks if she got hurt. Swara says no. She says it must be of Kavya and looks up.

Swara tells Sanskar that she is hidden here, but we couldn’t get her caught. Sanskar says everyone will be fine? Swara says everything is ruined. I thought we will take Ragini and laksh out. Constable comes and gives two plates of food to laksh. He asks what happened to your brother? He is not speaking since morning? Once Constables goes, Laksh asks Ragini to have food. She picks chilli from Laksh’s food and says you gets hiccups because of it, sorry. Laksh is teary eyes. Ragini asks him not to think that she needs something from him inexchange of her help. She says this time I don’t need anythin from you. Kavya and Karthik see Sanskar. Kavya says we will prove that we are more smarter than them.

Precap: Karthik informs Inspector that Sanskar is eloped from jail. Inspector comes to the lock up and asks Laksh to show Sanskar’s face. Laksh refuses. Ragini is seen escaping from there..

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