Swaragini 23rd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara coming to the Baadi and sees Tania going in her car. She asks the driver to follow the car and thinks to find out where she is going. Ragini knocks on the door and asks Dadi to open the door. She prays to God and asks him to help her, as she has to find Tania’s truth, and prays God to help Swara reach Tania. Swara follows Tania in her car, but suddenly her car stops. Driver says car is not starting. Swara thinks Tania must have gone to plot no 211. Tania gets down the car and reaches plot no 211. She sees Kavya standing and asks who are you? Kavya says we have met 15 years back and became good friend. Kavya says I am your past. Tania says I am your present. They hug each other. Tania asks why did you burn this house. Kavya says this is my parents’ house and they were about to mortgaged it. Tania says I get afraid of your anger sometimes and hugs her. Kavya stabs at her back. Tania is shocked. Tania asks why did you stab me? Kavya says sorry and says we have changed our identity in jail.

A fb is shown, and Kavya changes Tania’s identity card with hers. She says I promised you that I will help you come out of jail, but it was just a plan. She says you are real Kavya and I am real Tania. She says you will die now and Laksh will be jailed, my revenge will be complete now. Tania is in pain. Kavya leaves. Swara reaches there and asks Tania what happened to her. She tells her that she will do something and asks for help. Tania says my time is over. Swara tells Tania to help her and says I need to know the answers. Tania writhles in pain. Tania says I am real Kavya and she is Tania. She says we have changed identity in the remand room as warden used to change every 5 years. Swara says that’s why photos were not matching. Tania says she was released few years back as my punishment was over. She says Tania and her brother Karthik fooled her. She says I thought her as my friend and called her after coming out from jail. Swara asks why did she stabbed you? Tania says she have stabbed me as she said that real Kavya have to die. She takes last breath and dies.

Dadi tells Ragini that she is going somewhere and asks her not to go anywhere. Ragini wonders where is Swara? Swara comes there and says I will tell you everything. Ragini asks what happened to Tania and her relation with Kavya? She sees blood on her hand and asks her. Swara tells her everything. Ragini is shocked and says they have changed their identity. She asks where is real Kavya now? Swara says Tania have killed her as she wants to live her life peacefully now. Ragini says how to save our family now. Swara says there is one way and shares her plan with her. Shekhar and Sumi come there shocking them.

Sumi asks how can you risk you life? Shekhar says I can’t let you both take such a big risk? Ragini says this is the only chance for us to save them and only chance to do penance for my sins. Swara says Maa, Baba is right and I will think something else. Ragini tells her parents that it is necessary for her to gain confidence back and says only Swaragini can do this together. Swaragini plays…………Shekhar holds her hand, but lets Ragini go and save them. Ragini hugs him and cries happily. Sumi says I wil pray that you both will get success. Ragini tells Swara that they will take every means right or wrong to save their family. Sumi asks Shekhar if they have done right? Shekhar says we have to give her one chance to let her gain her confidence back. He says when Swaragini is together, nobody can defeat them. Swara and Ragini come to Police station. Inspector asks what is in the box. Swara says besan laddos. Inspector checks the laddoo.

Ragini and Swara light the smoke bomb. Inspector asks the constables to check from where the smoke is coming? Later Ragini takes Sanskar’s place in jail. Laksh asks her to look in his eyes and repents for his behavior. Ragini looks on with teary eyes. Sanskar and Swara come with the Inspector and see blood falling down from a dead body.

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