Swaragini 21st March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Annapurna telling everyone about Kavya and her brother. Little Tania and Laksh are playing with the servant, when Kavya hangs servant and says it is real. She is taken into custody and sent to juvenile. She tells Laksh that she hates him and one day she will send him to jail. Annapurna says they have broken relation with us. Swara asks what is her name? Annapurna says Tania. Swara says Tania is Kavya and she sent Laksh to jail the same way, just as she was sent to jail in her childhood. Everyone was shocked. Annapurna says I wish she would have talked to us once. Swara says now we know her past and we will save everyone by bringing her truth infront of all. Ragini says yes Maa. We should forget one thing that black night is over and morning rays have arrived, very soon it will be morning. Just then Ragini’s phone rings, Parineeta gives her phone. Ragini sees Shekhar’s so many missed calls and says he might be worried about me.

Shekhar calls Ragini and says her call is still not connecting. Just then goldsmith comes and says I came to give 50000 Rs. as Ragini mortgaged the jewellery with me. They are shocked. Ragini comes there and apologizes to them..She says I lied to you all, as Maheshwari family was arrested by the police and I needed this money to freed them. Dadi asks Sumi, if you know about this. Sumi nods no. Ragini says Maa doesn’t know about it. Dadi scolds Ragini. Ragini says she couldn’t see Swara’s condition and tried to help her.

Swara comes to the jail and tries to inquire about Tania Malhotra. Warden says that she is new there, and tells that Tania’s mental condition was not good. She says she can’t give her any details. Swara says I am her guardian Durga Prasad’s bahu and shows her id proof. Warden shows Tania’s childhood pic. Swara matches the pic and says it is same. Warden later shows Tania’s grown up pic, Swara is shocked and thinks she is not Kavya.

Swara asks can I meet her? Warden says she is in Pune jail now and her 6th month jail term is remaining. She asks her to go to Krishnavati jail and enquire about her. Swara wonders how is her face changed after growing up? She thinks she don’t know anyone in Krishnavati and then thinks about Aaradhya. Swara calls Aaradhya and asks for her help. She says I need an important information from Krishnavati police station to save her family.

Swaragini update will continue with Krishnadasi episode, will be posted once the show is telecasted.

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