Swaragini 19th November 2015 Written Episode

Sujata tells Annapurna that Ragini left after hearing them. Annapurna says if Swara is seen in farmhouse then it will be proved that Ragini is framing Swara wrongly. She says we have to go farmhouse and see. She comes to Laksh and asks him to go to farmhouse fast. She then comes to Sujata and says Laksh didn’t ask me to come with him. They see Swara leaving in a hurry. Ragini thinks to send Swara to farmhouse to make her bad in their eyes and thinks she will be successful. She calls Swara and asks him to go to farmhouse to cheer up Laksh. Swara says I have to go to factory first as workers might be waiting. Ragini insists and asks her to do her work. Sujata might hears her. Swara thinks what to do now? She thinks she has to go to farmhouse first and can make Sanskar understand. She asks driver to take left. Ragini asks Annapurna if Swara told her where did she go? Sujata says if she really went to farmhouse. Annapurna says then it will be her trick. Ragini asks if they are going somewhere. Annapurna and Sujata say yes and leaves.

Ragini thinks I know you are going to farmhouse. Just then Dadi, sumi and Shekhar come there and greet Annapurna. Utara comes and greets them. Ragini wonders how will they go to farmhouse now. Laksh asks Swara if she really came to make him taste sweets. Swara says yes, and asks him to taste it. Laksh likes it and says I love you and sweets. He asks when did you make it? Swara says Ragini made it and says she is sarvagun sarpann. Laksh says she has a big habit of lying? Swara says even kids do mistakes. Laksh says kids don’t try to kill anyone. Swara asks why you are talking about all that, when you said that you will give chance to Ragini.

Dadi asks Annapurna if everything is fine. Sujata says we will tell you later. She asks Parineeta and Utara to take care of home. They all leave. Ragini is also going, but Durga Prasad comes and asks where she is going? Parineeta tells him that Annapurna and Sujata have went somewhere. Durga Prasad tells her that some board members are coming and gives responsibility to Ragini and her to give them tea and snacks. Laksh gives fire crackers to the kids and says we will burn together. Swara thinks Ragini haven’t come till now and thinks to call her. Annapurna says I have a feeling that Swara is in the farm house. Swara calls Ragini and asks her to come to farmhouse saying Laksh’s mood is good. Ragini asks her not to leave until she reaches there. She hears fire crackers sound and asks Swara.

Swara says Laksh is burning crackers with workers kid. Ragini is shocked and recalls Sujata and Annapurna’s conversation. Swara takes the photo and sends it to Ragini. Ragini’s zoom the photo, and thinks there is no mark on Laksh’s neck, and thinks they want to clear Swara’s name and want to trap me. She calls Swara and asks her to leave from there. Swara couldn’t hear because of the cracker’s sound. She tells Parineeta that she has to go to Baadi and asks her to take care. Laksh burns the crackers and tells them that his best friend have come. Swara thinks Ragini didn’t come till now. Sujata and Annapurna reach there. Ragini is in the car and sends message asking Swara to leave from there, but the message couldn’t be send. Ragini fears to be exposed. Later Swara goes to bring sweets for kids. Ragini’s car stops on the way. She runs towards the farm house.

Sujata and annapurna couldn’t see Swara as she is inside. Annapurna says she can be inside. She says we can’t talk to Laksh until we have proof. Swara is bringing sweets and coming towards the door, but Ragini pulls her hand and takes her inside. She asks Swara to go and says Annapurna and Sujata came to check her. She says she don’t want anyone to know about her and asks her to leave. Laksh calls Swara and wonders where did she go? Ragini hides Swara from his view. Swara asks what you are doing? Laksh comes out and distributes the sweets. Sujata says Swara is not here. Annapurna says it means Swara is wrong this time. Ragini asks Swara not to tell Annapurna and Sujata that she went to farmhouse. Swara says she want to clarify as they are doubting her intentions. she says she is here for her. She asks are you really want to make all relations fine. Ragini turns and asks if you are doubting me? And asks her to tell everyone that she is fine now and have gained memory back. She says I have only one chance to get back to Laksh, but will lose because of you. She emotionally blackmails Swara. Swara apologizes to her. Ragini tells her that she is going to Banaras to pray for their family, and tells about the mannat. She asks Swara to come with her, and says she will talk to Laksh and Annapurna about booking their ticket. Swara says I trust you fully and asks if you will break my trust. Ragini says never and goes.

Swara slaps Ragini hard. Later Ragini is kidnapped and screams saying why you are doing this with me Swara…………

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