Swaragini 17th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laksh coming home and accuses Kavya for lying him and giving drug to him. He asks if you have ran away with that man, when he don’t see her and hears noise coming out from room. He goes towards the room. He opens the door and the rope is pulled hanging Kavya. He sees Kavya hanging herself. He runs to her and holds her. He makes her lie down on the bed and checks her breath (Kavya must have stopped her breath to make him fool again). He gets tensed and shocked. Ragini tells Sumi that she needs a big amount of money as her friend’s papa is in hospital after the accident. Shekhar says I have 1 Lakh rupees. Ragini looks on. Laksh thinks what to do as Kavya have trapped him. He thinks to call Swara and Sanskar and call Police. He is shocked and don’t know what to do. He asks what wrong did I do? Why did you do this. He thinks I won’t let anything happen to my Maa, Papa and family. He thinks I have to do something. He lifts Kavya to take her somewhere.

Ragini thinks what to do and from where to get the money. Dadi comes and asks Ragini to come. Dadi shows the jewellery of Janki and says she used to say that she will give it to you on your marriage. She keeps it back in the locker. Laksh wraps up Kavya and keeps her in the car. Kavya opens her eyes and smiles. She closes her eyes again. Ragini comes to Dadi’s room when she is sleeping. Dadi wakes up and closes the window. Ragini hides. She comes out after Dadi sleeps again and steals the jewellery from the locker. Ragini thinks about Dadi’s words and feels bad. Dadi is seen sleeping. Laksh comes to the jungle and burns the body without seeing if she is really Kavya or not.

Ragini comes to the Police station and gives the money. She says she can’t bring the lawyer, but can get them freed with the money. Everyone is emotional. Swara asks from where did you get the money? Ragini asks her to leave it. Ragini asks Inspector to free the men also. Inspector says I can’t leave them. Ragini asks why? When you are freeing them then why can’t them. Inspector says we got this email from Kavya. Sujata says what did she say? Inspector says Kavya mailed that she is in danger and if anything happens to her then Maheshwari men will be blamed. He says we got Kavya’s half burnt body and arrested the person who have done this. Swara, Ragini and others are shocked. Constables brings Laksh. Laksh looks down with guilt. Everyone is shocked.

Sujata asks did you kill Kavya? Inspector says yes, and that was gruesome. Laksh says I don’t repent for this. Swara asks what you are saying? Laksh says she have trapped me, and I am trapped. He apologizes to Swara for not trusting her again, and says he can’t take Ragini’s name…and apologizes to her for breaking her heart and playing with her emotions. Swara asks what you have done? Inspector says we got Kavya’s mail and reached to the spot. We couldn’t save Kavya, but arrested this murderer. Annapurna and others look at him emotionally. Laksh also looks at them with teary eyes. Ragini looks on.

All the Maheshwari ladies with Swara and Ragini come back home, and sees light off. Just then TV switches on and Kavya appears on TV saying she is not dead and just acted to be dead. Ragini tells Swara that they have to get the recording. Just then TV bursts and they shout. .

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