Swaragini 14th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Sujata if all the arrangements are done? Sujata says yes. Kavya tells Annapurna that she wants to take part in the puja. Sujata says yes. Annapurna says let her attend as she is also our bahu now. Kavya promises that she will do as she says. Annapurna looks at the lehenga of Swara and Parineeta, brought by Sujata. Parineeta and Swara come and say it is good. Kavya touches Sujata’s feet scaring her. She looks at the jewellery and says it is beautiful. Sujata says it is not for you. Kavya likes a heavy necklace. Sujata says it is very costly. Annapurna asks Kavya to keep it. Kavya thanks her. Swara looks on.

Ragini thinks about Laksh’s praising words and his betrayal thereafter. She looks at the maang ka tika while the song Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays…………….She recalls his marriage with Kavya. Sumi tells Ragini that the groom’s family have come. She asks her to come. Ragini says Maa. Sumi says I can feel what you are feeling right now and says we will not say yes until you approves. Kavya takes part in the puja arrangements. Someone comes. Kavya tells them that he is her tailor and came for altering her dress.

Sumi brings Ragini in the hall. Dadi says my lado is here and asks her to sit. Groom’s mum likes her and says your dadi praised your singing ability. Ragini says Dadi just praising her. Sumi praises Ragini a lot and says whereever she will go, that family will be lucky to have her. Groom’s mum says don’t feel bad, but she is not your daughter. Ragini says relations are made by feelings and not by blood. Groom and his mum like Ragini. Groom says yes for the alliance. Ragini shyly smiles. Kavya’s tailor ties something on to her dupatta. Kavya asks him to do work nicely. He smiles.

Sujata tells Swara that she is sensing something is wrong and says Kavya is acting to be good since morning, says some blast will happen today. She asks God to save them from Kavya. Swara says I will keep an eye on her. She recalls Kavya threat. Sujata asks her if Kavya have done something. Kavya holds her pallu and put it on fire silently. Laksh sees her pallu burning and runs towards her. The crackers stitched on her pallu get bursted and Kavya falls down. She pretends to get injured. Annapurna and others are shocked. Swara asks Uttara to call doctor. Kavya asks Swara to stop her acting, and says you have planned to kill me.

Sujata asks Uttara not to open the window. Swara asks Kavya to stop her drama. Laksh says who is doing drama will be revealed, and calls Inspector. Swara says who called you here? Laksh says I called him here. He says Kavya called me before puja as everyone was staring at her and she was feeling strange. He blames them for trying to kill Kavya. Constable tells Inspector that their was a fire material in her dupatta. Kavya says it was given by Annapurna. Swara tells Inspector that Kavya is lying and tried to framed them infront of society people, but she was caught. Inspector reminds her of the warning which he gave her and says he has arrested the men of the house from their office. He says he is arresting everyone for trying to kill Kavya. Sanskar says this girl. ……Inspector says she is innocent and you are guilty. Annapurna asks laksh, if he will send them to jail. Laksh looks on.

Inspector arrests all Maheshwari family and take them to Police station. Ragini comes to Maheshwari house and calls Laksh. She asks him how can he do this with his family and says she is happy that she don’t love him now. Laksh looks on. .

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