Swaragini 14th December 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ragini mistreating Annapurna. Swara asks her to stop her nonsense right now. Ragini says you are speaking with house owner. Swara says owner…my foot. Dadi asks what you are doing here? Swara says I will reply to your questions, but let me speak to her first. She asks if she has ended herself fully and asks if she is taught all this. Ragini says I have done this work when I was a family members. Swara says you are treating them badly and says they don’t treat even servants like that. Ragini says I am owner of this house. Swara says you are owner of the house, but owner of the people staying here. She says whenever I think you can’t stoop more low then you surprise me. Ragini asks why you are showing sympathy towards them and says your relation is broken. Swara says my divorce is not done yet. Ragini asks what do you want? I will call the lawyer..Swara says you will not do this. Ragini says I thought you are happy. Swara says I was happy too. She says I have suffered too, and asks if I take revenge from you. Ragini says it was your decision and asks her to leave. She asks Swara not to attend tonight’s party. Dadi says Ragini is saying right, and asks her to go. Swara says I won’t go anywhere…….Ragini asks with which right? Swara says with the right of a bahu and wife of Sanskar. She says she is Sanskar’s wife and her divorce will not happen. She says I am your Jethani and asks her to mind her language. She says I will not bear your torture and will stand against you. She says this win is not only yours and says I will stand infront of you to reply to your every conspiracy, as this story is of Swaragini…….Everyone hears her.

Ragini asks if she is done, and asks Uttara to make sherbet for the guests tonight. Swara goes after Sanskar. Sanskar goes to his room. Swara comes to his room and helps him wear the suit. Agar Tum Saath ho plays……………She says hi….and says I want to talk to you since morning and you…….Sanskar says sorry to trouble you. He says you might have not signed on the papers as you came to know about Ragini’s tortures. Swara says you are thinking wrongly. Sanskar says so you have thought to face Ragini and be great. Swara says I didn’t know anything and says she wanted to come. Sanskar asks her to enjoy bahu’s status, save everyone and then get out of everyone’s lives. He leaves. Swara says listen to me. I came here for you and says I love you. She says I took this decision because of Ragini, but I want to take our relation to next level. She asks him to give her a chance to rectify her mistakes.

Swara sees Ragini taking some papers from someone. She asks Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad says he is helpless and binded by the promise which he made to Dadi. He says if he wouldn’t have done this, then Laksh would be in jail. Swara says I haven’t promise anything and tells that she won’t let these papers get signed. Durga Prasad says whenever you try to move on in your life, but circumstances force you to stay in this house. Swara hugs him and asks him not to worry.

Guests come and praises the arrangements. Dadi tells that Ragini has done this arranegement of party. Ragini makes an appearance in the party and thanks the guests for attending the party. She says you all might be thinking why I kept this Jashn…and says Papa is naming Maheshwari and Karma son’s company on my name. Ragini greets the guests. A guest asks about Durga Prasad. Dadi says Ragini is the new owner of the house. Uttara brings the juice. Ragini asks where is Annapurna? I asked her to serve the juice too. Annapurna brings the juice tray. Guest asks why you are doing this. Dadi says it is Marwadi family values. Annapurna serves juice to guests and is about to fall, but Swara holds her and asks her not to serve juice to guests. Annapurna apologizes to Swara for doubting her. Ragini sees her crying and asks her not to ruin her party by her tears as guests are watching them. Swara looks on disgusted with her behavior.

Ragini tells that everything will be hers within 25 mins and gets greedy. A dancer comes to the party and dances on the song. Ragini looks on.

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