Suryaputra Karn 17th June 2016 Written Episode

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Drona sees Ashwathama injured and gets emotional. Pandavs perform Gatotkach’s last rights and cry. Krishna gives them moral gyaan and consoles them. Bheem slits his palm. Blood falls on Gatotkach’s body and his soul party ways and escapes in sky. Bheem takes oath to kill Kaurav. Krishna suggests them to kill Drona.

Drona at basecamp gets worried for Ashwathama and says he will not participate in war. Duryodhan shouts he should not participate instead of Asthwathama and says he is Kaurav’s senapati, even then he is afraid of death. Their lengthy argument starts. Drona takes oath to protect Kauravs. Karn suggests something.

Drushyadumna says Karn lost his powerful weapon and does not have any special wpeaons now to protect Kauravs. Arjun says it is not easy to kill Drona. Drushyadumna says same. Krishna says there is a way and suggests to attack Ashwathama if they want to kill Drona.

Battle restarts next day. Bheem runs to attack Kauravs. Drona throws his gadha and stops Bheem. Bheem throws gadha on Drona and Drona does not move after gadha hits him and says today he will protect Kauravs at any cost.

Karn gets busy killing Pandavs soldiers one side while Drona protects Kauravs on other side. Arjun asks Krishna how will they trap Ashwathama. Krishna says plan is already started. Drushyadumna provokes Ashwathama and saays his father afraid of death and hid. Ashwathama says both father and son are not afraid and attacks Drushyadumna. Drupad comes and laughs on Ashwathama and says he is trapped from all around. Karn comes to Ashwathama’s rescue and breaks trap.

Precap: Drona comes to protect Ashwathama. Drushyadumna blackmails him emotionally. Krishna blows shank and signals Drushyadumna. Drona kneels on ground and Drushyadumna beheads him.

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