Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj coughing and going to bathroom. He removes his glasses and then the mask off his face. He is actually Sambhav. He throws the hair wig and smiles. Suhani reads the note by Saiyyam. She reads Suhani will need Lord’s help, but he will take revenge. She worries for Yuvraaj. Sambhav says I m back Suhani, I have been waiting long for this day, but I had to take revenge for the wounds you gave me. He holds the wounds on his face, you killed me, I survived, I was screaming in pain on the hospital bed for many months, I have bear all the pain as I had to alive, I had to meet you once, I m back, once again I will come in Yuvraaj’s place, I will make you mine, and Yuvraaj will be begging for help in a dark corner. Yuvraaj is tied up and shouts Suhani.

comes to room and asks Yuvraaj is he fine. Sambhav wears Yuvraaj’s mask and says I m better. She gives him water. He says I wish to see you in red dress soon. She thinks is Saiyyam saying about red dress. She says I will just come and goes. Baby asks Dadi how do I look. Dadi compliments her. Baby thanks her and asks Yuvani to click her pic. Yuvani says good idea, Dadi click our pic. Baby says no, I just want my pic. Dadi says yes, its her special day, she is bride. Yuvani says sure.

She clicks Baby’s pics. Baby sees the pic and says no, pics did not come nice, I look fat, its dark, you click more pics. Dadi gives her a necklace which she kept for Yuvaan’s wife. Baby says fine, I will not share this with anyone. Yuvani thinks of Krishna who always shared her things. She looks at Baby and says its okay, I will also get such things.

Sambhav sees Yuvaan and Yuvani’s pic. He says Yuvaan, champ, you have grown up, even then you are not smart like my son. He sees Suhani’s pic on the wall. He says Suhani thinks she got rid of me, see I m back and that too in your room, you would be thinking how, I will tell you. FB shows Suhani asking Yuvraaj to take rest. She goes. Sambhav comes there by the window. He hits on Yuvraaj’s head and makes him unconscious. FB ends.

Sambhav says I took Yuvraaj to a safe place and then game over. FB shows Sambhav gives antidote injection to Yuvraaj. He says I will keep you alive so that I tell you that you and Suhani can never unite, Suhani is not a widow, her husband is still alive. He laughs. FB ends. Sambhav laughs and says its good I heard Saiyyam about hiding antidote, else I have got the antidote by acting to faint. He says devils don’t die, just happiness dies, my son is with me in this game.

Saiyyam comes with bridal dress and asks Krishna to get ready. She refuses to marry him. He gives her 10mins to get ready and says if you don’t get ready, I will make you ready. He goes. She cries. Suhani comes. Krishna tells about Saiyyam. Suhani says I will make everything fine, don’t worry. She hugs Krishna and goes. Suhani goes to Baby and says I came to meet you once, as you are going to become Yuvaan’s wife. Baby hugs her and thanks her. Suhani checks her dress. Baby says I will become perfect bahu, can I call you Maa. Suhani says no and goes.

She checks the temple and thinks was Saiyyam saying about Devi Maa’s clothes. Saiyyam and everyone come there. Saiyyam asks Suhani to go and get ready, even her marriage is after them. Bhavna comes to Krishna. Krishna cries. Bhavna asks her to get ready. Krishna refuses and says I will talk to Suhani once. Bhavna says I will call Suhani.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj. Sambhav starts coughing. Suhani says I need your help you have to solve a riddle, if you have to marry me, you won’t get me easily. He asks but why. She tells the riddle. He gets thinking and thinks its Saiyyam’s plan.

Suhani stops Saiyyam and Krishna’s marriage. Everyone get shocked.

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