Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya saying Yuvraaj is coming back. Rags telling Pratima that Suhani won’t leave when Yuvraaj comes here. Pratima says I guarantee Suhani will leave, she has just met Yuvani, no one will ask her to go, and Soumya you know Suhani, she is your childhood friend, she does not have habit to snatch anyone’s rights, she will go before Yuvraaj comes. Suhani talks to the Krishna and Yuvaan. She says those items are for Yuvani. Rags asks Soumya to go and give this magic wand to Yuvani, we have no option. Suhani will go from here when Yuvani hates her. Soumya gives the magic wand to some girl to make her win. Rags smiles.

Yuvani asks Rags how is she looking. Rags says a real angel, fantastic, you look the best, but one girl has become red fairy, she has a red wand in her hand. Yuvani asks if she wins then… Rags says sometimes you have to make someone lose to win. Soumya says yes. Yuvani says then I will win that contest and goes. Soumya says Suhani will leave today. Rags says Suhani will go when she is sure Yuvani did bad and can’t change now. Soumya says if Suhani does not know, I will tell her myself, but Suhani has to leave now.

Suhani compliments the girl. Yuvani gets angry seeing this. Yuvaan comes as sun and Suhani gets glad. Yuvani takes the girl’s wand and goes. Suhani thinks this stick was with red fairy, what is Yuvani doing with this. Suhani goes to Yuvani and stops her from breaking the wand. Yuvani says I m best, I will win. Suhani says you have to behave like angel, making others lose and win is called cheating. Yuvani says I don’t need to become like anyone. Suhani asks her not to do this, you are so selfish, if you break this, I will tell truth to everyone, they will remove you from this competition. Yuvani goes. Suhani says I was wrong, it will take much time to change Yuvani.

The competition begins. Yuvani says I m a angel and I m the best. Dadi says she is my granddaughter, she will look an angel. Yuvani runs. Soumya looks on. Krishna talks to Soumya and stops her. Yuvani says I will lose because of Suhani, I will tell Dadi to scold her. Snoopi comes and takes her wand. Yuvani asks Krishna to see snoopi got my wand. Yuvaan says I m a son, which gives light to everyone. Pratima hugs him. The girl says I m a red fairy. Krishna is called next. Yuvani asks Snoopi to give her wand back. Krishna recalls Suhani’s words to help others. Soumya says Krishna had to apply leaves on her dress, maybe she went out. Krishna asks Snoopi to give the wand and walks in mud. Suhani and Soumya come out to see. Krishna falls in the mud. She gets the wand. Yuvani says yuck, I don’t want this wand, throw it. Soumya asks whats all this. Krishna says snoopi took Yuvani’s wand, I fell in mud to get the wand.

The lady says how can Krishna participate like this. Yuvani says I want new wand. Suhani takes Krishna inside. Everyone laugh seeing Krishna. They ask Krishna to get ready in 5mins else she will be disqualified. Suhani asks how can you disqualify. Dadi says its rules. Suhani says you know I don’t get against any rules. She takes Krishna to the stage and says you all would think Krishna is not ready, the truth is Krishna is in her dress, she has become nature, she has helped Yuvani and fell in mud, Krishna took the wand back, she has kept nature by heart, she has shown nature’s feelings. Everyone clap.

The ladies agree with Suhani and says Suhani is right, fancy dress does not mean to just wear costume, it also means to accept qualities, Krishna is the winner today. Yuvani asks Soumya how did Krishna win, she is looking bad. The lady says looks do not matter, qualities also matters. Yuvani says tell them they are doing wrong, looks are imp. Krishna gets the trophy. Yuvani gets angry.

Yuvani asks Soumya how can anyone win by looking bad, does Suhani say right. Suhani looks on. Soumya gets speechless.

Pratima goes and makes Yuvani’s hair pleats. Yuvani says I lost today. Pratima says your sister won, it means you also won. Yuvani says but I looked best, how did Krishna win, it means Suhani said right. Soumya comes and looks on. Pratima asks Yuvani to decide what to do. Yuvani says if doing makeup is bad, why is makeup made. Pratima says makeup can be used, but you have to be good too. Yuvani says if I don’t do makeup, will they say I m best. Soumya says yes. Pratima says if you behave well, everyone will think you are good. Soumya says I will give milk to Krishna. Pratima says Suhani gave milk to kids, they are competing to finish it soon. She asks Yuvani to sleep,

Soumya makes Yuvani sleep and recalls Yuvraaj. She cries. Suhani brings Krishna and says she was not sleeping without you. Soumya hugs Krishna. Suhani asks where is the blanket. Soumya shows cupboard. Suhani checks cupboard and recalls Yuvraaj after seeing his clothes arranged. She takes blanket and some paper falls there. Suhani picks the paper. Soumya gets tensed. Suhani sees the marriage certificate papers….

Soumya scares Yuvaan about holiday ghost. Yuvaan cries and tells Suhani that Soumya told him about the ghost.

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