Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Barbie burning Dadi’s hand by making tea fall on her hand. Dadi screams and Pratima rushes to do the aid. Barbie lies that tea fell by mistake. Suhani looks on and feels sorry for Dadi. Suhani goes out and cries. She tells Soumya about Barbie burning Dadi’s hand. Yuvraaj comes and asks Suhani why are you crying. Soumya says Krishna and I are planning family, so Suhani got emotional. He says that’s great, I will give medicines to Barbie. He goes. Suhani tells Soumya that situation is strange, I gave that card for Dadi, Ramesh will keep it in Dadi’s room.

Dadi recalls Barbie’s words. She sees that card on the bed and checks it. She reads Suhani’s card. Suhani apologizes to her and says I can’t give heir to your family and Barbie has to become surrogate, I lost and you have to bear all this, forgive me Dadi, yours Suhani. Dadi hugs the card and cries.

Soumya asks Suhani do you think Dadi will accept…. Suhani says yes, but not so soon, I don’t know, I was happy to meet family after that incident, I got saved, when I came here, I was shocked by Yuvraaj and Barbie’s marriage, now I got to know that I can become mother, but Dadi’s doings made me stand at this point, where I can’t tell this to Yuvraaj. Soumya asks her to tell Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, he will kick out Barbie, she has my baby. Soumya says I m getting angry on Barbie and wish to kill her. Suhani says I m sharing this with you, I can’t tell this to anyone. Soumya says sorry, I will control my anger, but we will not leave this Barbie.

Suhani smiles seeing her reports and talks to Lord. She says I m very angry on you, you have given me lots of problems, and cries. She says but when I see this report, I wish to thank you, you made many things easy, thanks. Menka comes there and laughs. Bhavna asks what happened. Menka says Dadi has become maid, I told her not to accept Barbie, even you supported Barbie. Bhavna feels bad and says I will go and see Dadi. Suhani says wait, I will see Dadi. She goes.

Dadi is upset and Suhani sees her in lawn. Suhani recalls how Dadi lied about her conceiving truth. She apologizes to Dadi and says this is happening because of you, you have to bear Barbie because of me, I have seen how Barbie burnt your hand, you got sorry card right. Dadi cries and nods. Suhani says I had no courage to come infront of you, when Menka said you are here watering plants, I felt bad, I know you are doing this for the heir, as Barbie is giving birth to Yuvraaj’s child, I wish I died that day, I will tell everyone and we will adopt a child. Dadi says its not needed. Suhani says its needed, I m Baanch, I should be punished, its my mistake. Dadi says no, its not your mistake, you are not a Baanch, I lied. Suhani asks what, you lied to me. Dadi says I made your fake report, you can become a mother. Suhani says what, why did you do this, because you don’t like me. Dadi says I did not wish Yuvraaj’s baby to get your shadow, I wanted…

Suhani says you wanted Yuvraaj’s wife to be beautiful, what about nature, the baby would be still mine. Dadi says it was an a lie, there is no surrogacy, there is no baby, its all a drama, Barbie was not pregnant. Suhani gets shocked. Dadi says Barbie just wanted to marry Yuvraaj by moving you out of her way. Suhani says it means you wanted to kill me to get Yuvraaj married to Barbie. Dadi says no, I wanted to kidnap you and send you away, I did not know Barbie was hypnotize you or kill you, Barbie did all this, its her mistake. Suhani says no, its your mistake, you got Barbie in this house, you made her Yuvraaj’s wife, you did this as you don’t like me, you don’t like my face, you don’t care about person’s nature, you ruined everything Dadi.

Suhani says if Barbie is acting, we will kick her out. Dadi says no, Barbie cheated me, she got pregnant, she will tell everyone about me, I m stuck badly, forgive me, just you can save me and this family now. Suhani says Barbie is giving birth to my baby, it will be my reflection. Dadi says I know I did mistake, help me Suhani. Suhani asks Dadi how can you do this, if Barbie harms my baby then…. I always respected you as you are elder, how can you do such a cheap thing, you did this so that your grandchild does not look like me, the baby is still mine and will be like me, will you not accept baby, will you not love baby, tell me…. Dadi cries and leaves.

Suhani recalls Dadi’s words. A man comes and gives some pain killers for Barbie. Suhani says I will give her. She thinks Barbie cheated Dadi and became pregnant, why will she do this. She recalls seeing money in doctor’s pocket and thinks is Barbie pregnant or not, is she acting again. Suhani comes inside the house. Barbie asks what are you doing here. Suhani says I got your medicines, I received it, like you found me in jungle and even then married my husband. Barbie says I have body pain, I don’t want to hear your taunts, give me medicines. Suhani says you can’t eat these medicines. Dadi and everyone come and ask whats happening. Suhani says Barbie is asking for painkillers, its not good for baby. Pratima says yes. Barbie says don’t tell about baby. Suhani shouts Barbie. Barbie says I have ache and I will eat medicines, I have to take care of myself. Pratima says pain will get fine in some time. Barbie says no, I want head massage and foot massage, that too from Dadi’s hands. Dadi gets shocked. Suhani scolds Barbie and says Dadi won’t do massage, I will do. Pratima says no Suhani, you are not fine yet. Menka says I will do massage. Suhani asks sure? Menka says yes, Barbie will you get my clothes washed. Dadi says fine, Rags will wash clothes. Rags says no, I will do head massage and Menka will wash her clothes. Suhani says I will wash clothes, you both do the massage. Barbie smiles and goes. Dadi looks at Suhani.

Yuvraaj and Suhani argue. She gets sad and says you are not here now, you have become someone else’s now.

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