Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rags coming and Barbie hiding the papers. Rags asks what are you hiding. Barbie says nothing. Rags says Ramesh did not come, who will throw garbage now. Barbie asks Rags to throw garbage and taunts her. Dadi says the same. Rags asks what and leaves angrily. Soumya meets Suhani in hospital and says I m planning family, so I came for checkup.

Suhani asks why did you not tell me, you thought I will get sad, just eat good food. Bhavna says we also came for blood reports. Soumya sits for blood test and worries seeing injection. Suhani smiles. Bhavna holds Soumya’s hand and laughs. Suhani teases her. Soumya’s blood sample gets Suhani’s name tag on the bottle. Suhani gives blood for regular checkup and Soumya’s name tag gets on it.

Rags tells Barbie that I had to touch dustbin today, I will not leave you. Barbie says I m feeling hungry, get some food. Pratima sends Rags. Barbie says doctor asked me to eat anything every two hours. Rags keeps the plate angrily. Pratima says Rags have manners, Ramesh is not at home to do work.

Rags says I m not servant. Pratima says none becomes servant by working at home. Sharad brings the cleaning mop. Pratima asks Barbie to clean the floor. Barbie says I m pregnant, how can I work. Pratima says pregnant ladies should keep working, baby health stays fine, I don’t want you get ill. Rags smiles. Barbie saks where is Yuvraah. Pratima says maybe he went for walk with snoopi. Sharad takes apple plate back and asks Barbie to clean the floor. Barbie worries.

Suhani and Bhavna come home. Suhani asks Snoopi did he come to meet her or get any thief. Yuvraaj says that was bad clothes that’s why I removed it from your bag, you were looking joker, I can’t even describe your new look, see you are looking good now. She says you used me dislike these clothes before. He says when you went away from me, I got mad and realized your value, now I can’t be away from you for a moment. He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. Saware……plays………… snoopi barks. Yuvraaj asks when did she get blood test done. She says some time before, for routine checkup. He says Barbie is fine now. She says yes, she has to be fine. He says our baby will be fine. She says everything should get fine like before.

Barbie starts cleaning and says I don’t have problem to wipe floor, but baby should be fine. Pratima says there won’t be problem. Snoopi spoils the floor. Sharad takes snoopi and says Barbie has to clean it again. Rags smiles. Yuvraaj says I stayed there on your saying, I can’t stay without you. He says I feel you are hiding something from me. She thinks to tell him about kidnapping matter, but he will send Barbie to jail. She says nothing, I m worried about baby, this is my last chance to become mother, if I could become mother right way….. nurse calls her and says I have good news, your blood report results have come, its all normal and you can conceive. Suhani gets shocked.

Suhani asks what. Nurse says we have sent your blood sample for pregnancy hormones test, its positive, come and meet doctor. Suhani says but it was regular checkup. Nurse says sorry, the blood samples got swapped and Soumya’s blood sample was sent for routine checkup, your blood sample went for pregnancy test. Suhani says fine. Yuvraaj gets a call and says I will come. Suhani wanted to tell him, and asks him to go. He goes. She thinks to talk to Soumya.

Suhani and Soumya go to hospital. Nurse says blood samples got exchanged. Suhani says but my doctor said I can’t conceive, even Dadi’s doctor. Nurse says you can conceive, talk to doctor. Suhani and Soumya get glad.

Menka and Anuj argue over the milk jug and fight. The milk falls over Anuj and they both fall. Soumya says I want to see Bhavna’s reaction, this problem was because of that stupid doctor, come, we will tell everything. Suhani says how can two doctor be wrong together, Dadi got both reports. Soumya shows the reports to doctors and asks why did you lie to Suhani before. Suhani says say truth, else you will go to jail. Soumya says say the truth, call police Suhani. Doctor gets tensed and says don’t call police, Chandrakala ji gave me money to make fake reports. Suhani gets shocked.

Barbie sees Yuvraaj and acts to have pain. He asks her to sit. She says I don’t do any work. He says you have to work for being healthy, I ordered some books for you, you can do what to do in pregnancy. He goes. Dadi comes there. Barbie says I have body ache Dadi, I want a strong ginger tea, you make it. Suhani looks on. Dadi goes. Ramesh comes home. Suhani asks him to keep this letter in Dadi’s room, no one should know I gave you this.

Dadi’s hand burns because of Barbie. Pratima rushes to get medicines. Suhani sees Barbie troubling Dadi.

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