Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Barbie to get lost from her room. She sees her burnt saree and scolds Barbie for doing cheap things. She says I don’t give my rights to anyone easily, remember this, you have one hour to vacate my room. She goes. Barbie throws the clothes. Suhani stops and looks at her, thinking how can Barbie sit on floor easily. Barbie sees Suhani and starts acting of pain. Suhani goes.

Dadi applies ointment to her hand. She thinks she did big mistake by getting Barbie here, shall I talk to Rags, she does not like Barbie, no I can’t take anyone’s help. Barbie comes there. Dadi says I don’t need your help. Barbie does aid to her hand and says everyone wants me to leave, but I will not go, you can explain this to Suhani, you won’t let me go from here right, Suhani can’t stay here, you have to kick her out of this house. She hurts Dadi’s room.

Suhani slips by high heels and Yuvraaj holds her. She removes the heels. He turns and smiles. She asks why are you laughing. He says you have done15kgs makeup on face, look at yourself, are you from Rags and Menka’s planet, alien. She scolds him and goes. He teases her and laughs. They sweetly argue and their nok jhok turns into an argument. He asks her to taunt him, but he will trouble her till she acts like Rags and Menka. He calls her fat. She scolds him. He acts like Big B and they both laugh. Dadi calls Suhani there. She tells Pratima that she has to talk to Suhani.

Dadi says Suhani, Barbie is going to become mother of your child. Suhani says I know. Dadi says Barbie is worried, everyone left her alone, she is Yuvraaj’s wife. Suhani says no, I m Yuvraaj’s wife, this marriage does not have any meaning in my presence. Barbie says I can’t bear this stress, I will leave. Yuvraaj says no, you won’t go anywhere according to the deal. Barbie says deal was you will accept me as your wife, I m in tension since Suhani came, this is not good for baby. Bhavna says you promised you will give the baby. Barbie says yes, but tension is not good for baby. Pratima says you mean we should send Suhani away, this can never happen. Bhavna says I will not stay here if Suhani is not staying here. Pratima says Bhavna and Suhani won’t go anywhere. Barbie says fine, I will go, I have to think for baby. Yuvraaj says no need Barbie, Suhani and I will leave from here. Pratima and Bhavna say Yuvraaj do not need to go. Yuvraaj says its fine, we will stay on outhouse, its not a problem, Barbie stay here, we will not trouble you, promise.

Bhavna cries and packs her bag. She says its because of me, I got Sautan for you. Sharad asks Suhani whats happening. She says there is lot of happening, what should I say. He asks her to tell everything and not hide anything. Rags and Saurabh pack their bags. Anuj and Menka too are leaving. Yuvraaj packs his bag. Pratima says I don’t believe we are doing this. Yuvraaj says yes, we can’t leave Suhani alone, she is upset. Pratima says why is Barbie doing this. Suhani says I understand, but Barbie is carrying my baby. Yuvraaj says Barbie is acting smart. Suhani says yes, but… He says she can harm baby, that’s why I said I will leave with Suhani.

Barbie threatens Dadi to stop Yuvraaj. She asks Dadi to send Suhani in 2 days. Sharad says I m not leaving. Bhavna asks why. Rags says as Sharad wants to have luxuries here. Saurabh says just like you are not coming with me. Yuvraaj says I will leave. Barbie says I will leave for better, if my husband is not staying here, its better I leave. Pratima and Suhani ask Yuvraaj to stay back, as he married for baby. Suhani says Yuvraaj will stay here Barbie. Pratima says baby’s health is necessary at this time. Yuvraaj agrees. Suhani signs Sharad. Suhani, Bhavna, Saurabh, Anuj and Menka leave.

Yuvraaj tells Barbie not to take stress, I m here. Barbie smiles. Everyone come in outhouse. Menka likes the outhouse. Anuj asks her to clean the house and gives her sweepstick. Saurabh says I knew Rags will not come, but why Sharad and Yuvraaj, how can they do this. Bhavna says I did not expect this from Sharad, how can he cheat us. Suhani says calm down, its not like that. Menka says I will not clean home alone. Saurabh says Menka would be tired, Anuj take her to room. Menka thanks Saurabh and goes. Suhani tells Saurabh that Barbie is using the baby to make Yuvraaj away from me, that’s why I left Sharad there, if you all did not come here, Barbie would get doubt, Yuvraaj is there so that Barbie does not harm the baby, he is worried for baby. Bhavna says that’s why he married. Saurabh says it means we have to be like this for few days. Suhani checks her clothes and finds her old clothes. Yuvraaj laughs and says Suhani is looking Rags and Menka’s twin sister, she looks good in her old clothes. Pratima says yes, she will think smartly in her old clothes. Sharad asks what and hugs Yuvraaj, laughing aloud on Pratima’s cute joke.

Suhani tells Bhavna that Yuvraaj has removed all her old clothes from the bag. They come to hospital. Suhani gets sad. Bhavna asks why did you not tell Yuvraaj that you came for checkup with me. Suhani says then he would have left Barbie there, you are with me, I don’t need to worry, come.

Barbie scolds Dadi and asks her to sign farm house papers. She says I will tell Yuvraaj everything. Dadi signs on papers. Barbie smiles.

Pratima asks Barbie to clean the floor. Barbie says I m pregnant. Pratima says pregnant ladies should keep working. Barbie gets angry. Rags enjoys seeing Barbie.

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