Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya talking to Yuvaan and making him busy. Menka keeps bone in his pocket. Soumya says I will send Krishna and Yuvani to you. Soumya and Menka hide and look on. Snoopi comes to get the bone. Yuvaan asks what are you doing. Snoopi smells the bone and barks at him. Menka says will Yuvaan get much hurt. Soumya says I heard when dogs get hungry, they get aggressive. Menka screams and Rags shut her mouth. Yuvaan runs and falls down. Snoopi follows him. Yuvraaj gets dizzy and holds his head. Yuvaan shouts and asks Snoopi to get away. Yuvraaj comes out and is dizzy. Menka shows Soumya to see Yuvraaj, and asks why is Yuvraaj not saving Yuvaan. Soumya says he won’t do anything. Yuvaan shouts for help. Sambhav, Suhani and Sharad hear him. Pratima and Bhavna try to stop snoopi and ask Yuvraaj to come soon. Yuvraaj shakes up. Pratima says come fast, Snoopi will bite Yuvaan.

Suhani hugs Yuvaan and cries. Bhavna says don’t worry, Yuvaan is fine, have water. Suhani says anything would have happened…. Bhavna says if Sambhav did not come on time, you don’t love Sambhav, but he loves Yuvaan, Yuvaan’s happiness matters to you, and it lies in making Sambhav his father, just think of this once. Menka praises Soumya’s cleverness. Soumya tells Rags that I gave drug to Yuvraaj, and he did not understand anything, everyone felt that Yuvraaj is just watching. Rags says I can’t believe you have put Yuvaan in big risk. Soumya says I did this for Krishna’s future, Suhani has to marry Sambhav, Yuvraaj will not know it was dream or reality, and Suhani won’t forget Yuvraaj did not help Yuvaan. Rags says that’s what I called a perfect plan.

Yuvraaj wakes up and has headache. Pratima tells her that Yuvaan was attacked by snoopi, he was shouting for help, you did not go to him, and came here to sleep. He says I did not remember anything. He asks Soumya to show the painkiller she gave him. She shows the right medicines. He says I did not help Yuvaan and simply stood there, I don’t remember anything. She says maybe you were drowsy. Pratima asks why did Yuvraaj had medicine. Soumya says Yuvaan has pepper sprayed on Yuvraajh, that’s why. Yuvraaj says its not Yuvaan’s mistake, I think I should go and apologize to him. he leaves.

Sambhav is leaving. Suhani stops him. He says don’t stop me now. She says Yuvaan loves you a lot, you also love him. Yuvraaj is on the way to outhouse. Sambhav says yes, so… She says what you did for Yuvaan today, Yuvaan asked me why can’t he make you his dad, I can’t understand anything before, today I understood. Sambhav asks do you…. She says you know everything about me and still want to marry me, so I m ready for marriage. Yuvraaj hears this and gets shocked. Sambhav and Suhani smile.

Sambhav asks will you marry me. She says yes, I will marry you. Yuvraaj cries. Sambhav holds her hand and says I will always keep you happy. She says I know, Yuvaan will be very happy. She turns and gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj there.

Suhani tells him that she has taken a decision, I wanted to tell you. Sambhav says no need to give him explanation, Yuvraaj you are coming between us, I think you should leave, we are talking something imp, I don’t think you have right to know it. Suhani and Yuvraaj see each other. Yuvraaj congratulates Suhani and Sambhav. He leaves. Sambhav thanks Suhani for coming in his life. She says Yuvaan will be very happy. He asks and you. She nods and cries.

Sambhav gives the news to Yuvaan that he is marrying Suhani. Yuvaan hugs him and is very happy. Yuvraaj acts normal in front of Sharad and cries hiding his pain. .

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