Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj waking up and saying Suhani. He sees Barbie and goes. Barbie tells Bhavna and Dadi that she will send Yuvraaj’s breakfast to his room, now she will manage Yuvraaj. She says I have to go on shopping, I can’t waste time. She goes. Later, Bhavna sees the numerous shopping bags and says I thought you are going for baby, but there is no baby items. Barbie says its first day of my married life, can’t I do some shopping. Bhavna says you said you are going to shop for baby, I just asked. Barbie says Yuvraaj did not come to room yesterday, I did shopping to lighten my heart, we will go for baby shopping tomorrow.

Dadi comes and sends Bhavna. She scolds Barbie for shopping for 5 lakhs and giving jewelry orders of 20 lakhs. Barbie argues with Dadi and says you can’t talk to me in bad way. Dadi says shut up, cancel order, I will not give money. Barbie says you have to give money, else I will tell the truth that I m not pregnant, you lied to make me get married to Yuvraaj. She smiles and says this is your lie, you knew this from day 1. Dadi asks how dare you threaten me. Barbie says fine, then pay for my shopping. Dadi says this is my house, you can’t do this, I will need just 2 mins to kick you out, I can get any beautiful girls for Yuvraaj, I don’t need you, it was your goons who kidnapped Suhani, you will be arrested. Barbie says fine, then baby will also go to jail. Dadi says its lie, there is no baby. Barbie shows the new report. Dadi checks and sees pregnancy confirmation.

Barbie asks Dadi to show it to doctor. Dadi scolds her. Yuvraaj comes and asks what happened Dadi, why are you scolding her. Dadi says see her shopping, does this look good. He sees the shopping bags and says Dadi is right, you should not do this for few days. Barbie says I got gifts for everyone, see this is for Bhavna, Pratima and others…. She acts sweet and good, saying I wanted to fulfill Suhani’s place. Yuvraaj says Barbie is trying adjust, Dadi you just explain her, remember she is pregnant. He leaves.

Ramesh asks snoopi to come. Snoopi is sad. Ramesh tells Yuvraaj that Snoopi is not coming for walk. Yuvraaj sees Suhani’s pic and tells Snoopi that Suhani will come back soon. He looks at the pic and gets sad. He sends snoopi.

Yuvraaj goes to Saurabh and says I will come office from tomorrow. Saurabh leaves. Bhavna comes to Pratima and cries. She hugs Pratima and says she is feeling restless. Pratima says Suhani will come back soon. Saurabh sees a big box outside and asks the man about it. The man says its Chandrakala’s parcel. Barbie asks Dadi to sign on the papers. Saurabh comes and tells Dadi that some parcel came for her, the man is waiting for you. Dadi leaves the papers and goes to see parcel. Barbie worries.

Menka asks whats in this, such a big gift. Saurabh says this gift is strange. Yuvraaj says it has strict instructions that just Dadi can open this, its meant only for Dadi. Dadi comes and signs on papers to get the gift. Menka says I will open it. She uncovers the gift. They all get shocked seeing Suhani inside the box, in her new avatar. She wears a trendy saree and has new hairstyle. The family gets super shocked. Pratima says you have come back… Yuvraaj says Suhani…. Suhani stares at Barbie.

Menka says Suhani has come back. Snoopi hugs Suhani. Pratima says Suhani, they called me mad when I said you will come back, I knew you are alive and will come back. Suhani says you had belief right, then why did you do Yuvraaj’s marriage so soon. She asks Yuvraaj was he in hurry to get wife by Dadi’s choice that he did not wait for her. Saurabh says we thought you are not in this world. Suhani says so you all did not wait for one week too, I was left in the jungle to die, I did not lose and fought with life to meet my family again. I did not know that my family will change so soon.

Saurabh says we tried finding you, we got your blood stained clothes and mangalsutra, there were marks like wild animals dragged you. She says animals are better than humans, villagers saved me, else I was left to die there. She says Dadi, you want everyone beautiful in your family, I tried hard and could not become your choice, that’s why after getting fine, I tried to become like you, I went to parlor and see I became like you, what did I get in return, sautan… Dadi says no, its not like that. Yuvraaj says whatever happened, its good you came back. He hugs her. Suhani gets annoyed.

Barbie scolds the family and says I will not live such bad life, I should die.

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