Siya Ke Ram 27th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bharat saying I will talk to Maa. Shatrughan says we all know Kaikeyi loves Ram a lot, have patience, dad and other Maas will talk to her. Sita makes the food. She asks Urmila to taste food. Urmila says whatever you and Maa cook becomes the language of taste. Sita says I don’t know what food will Ram like. Urmila says all the vegs are grown from your land, it has your love, Ram will like it, I m going to invite him and will ask him. Sita says till then everything will be cooked, if you tell me before he comes, I will make it. Urmila says I will rush and come soon.

Raavan tells Malyavaan that Mithila should be ruined and everyone should know its done by Raavan, I know I m giving importance to Mithila by attacking it. This is necessary as Raavan got insulted there, Janak should die last so that he see his crime. Mandodari comes there and says this won’t be right, think again. Raavan says time to think is over, its time to take revenge. He asks pandit did he not get mahurat to attack Mithila. Pandit says the kundli shows its like inviting Lanka’s ruin by attacking Mithila. Mandodari and Malyavaan say the same to drop this idea. Raavan says how will I take revenge then, I can’t drop this plan. He leaves.

Urmila goes to find Ram and asks Rishis about him. she goes to the ashram and looks for him. Laxman aims at her, and asks who is there. She turns and he stops. She asks you… I want to meet Dasharath’s son. He says I m the one. She says I mean your brother, who is getting married to Ram. He asks why. She says I want to ask what food he likes. He says Ram likes all types of food. She asks how do you know I came to invite you for lunch, tell me his likes. He says it would not be spicy, as you talk like this. He says you are angry and it was good Parshuram calmed down else… Laxman says it would have not happened. Ram comes.

Urmila greets him and says I m Sita’s sister Urmila. Ram says I identified, you look like Sita. She asks why is this not in brothers and taunts Laxman. She says Janak invited you and Laxman for lunch, I want to know what you lke. Ram says whatever you make will be food. She asks if its spicy. Ram says spicy or sweet, food made with love will be good. She says there is much difference between both brothers. He says we will surely come, tell Maharaj Janak. She asks his fav food so that she can tell Sita. Ram says if Sita is cooking food, I will leave it on her and have food by her wish. She asks Laxman. Laxman says Sita would make good, anyone else would have not made such. He taunts Urmila. Urmila jokes on him and goes smiling. Ram smiles seeing Laxman.

Raavan says I m getting restless Nana shri, I want revenge. Malyavaan says don’t attack Mithila. Raavan says I have decided.

Urmila comes to Sita and says Ram did not say anything. Sita says what. Urmila says he said he will have food by your wish, he is very mature and good minded. Sita gets glad. Urmila says Laxman does not have any good quality, anger is on his nose. Sita asks what happened. Urmila says nothing. Sita says you got after my Jija ji. Urmila says you and Ram think the same, you are taking Laxman’s side and there Ram was taking my side. Sita says when marriage happens, relation is with everyone of the family, not just one person. Urmila says tell me what will you serve to Ram. Sita says whatever I cooked, I will present, then his wish.

Mantra asks the man why is he taking these fruits. He says to welcome the people who came from Mithila. She takes the food and says I will welcome the man who got the message. She sends the servants out. She talks to them about Sita. The man says Sita is like Devi, Janak got her in fields, when Sita was born, it rained and famine ended. Mantra asks is she not Janak’s daughter. He says no, but he raised her. She says then this marriage will surely happen and asks him to have more food.

Sunaina asks Sita not to worry, Ram will like the food. Ram and Laxman come there and are welcomed well. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other. Janak asks Ram and Laxman and sit to have food. Sita says she made many types of food and asks Ram what would they like to have. Ram says Mithila’s land is pure and all the vegs and grains grown on this land is pure, you serve the food. They smile.

Sita serves food to Laxman. Urmila says see Mandvi, Sita served food to Laxman first, why does she give him so much value, I know he is Ram’s brother. Mandvi says you also give importance to Laxman by talking about him and smiles. Sita serves food to Ram. Everyone smile. Ram and Laxman eat the food. Ram takes the first bite and smiles. Sita says I m curious to know, did you like the food.

Ram says I feel the bitter thing sweet too, this sweetness can be just by Mithila’s land. Raavan asks a snake devil to kill Raja Janak and his family.

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