Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mandvi coming to talk to Kaikeyi. Mantra tells Kaikeyi that its happening as I told you, don’t worry. Mandvi hears this and says Maa… Mantra says Jai Maharani Mandvi and is very glad. She asks her to come and asks Kaikeyi to see her bahu. Kaikeyi asks Mandvi what happened. Mandvi says Maa, I know you love your son a lot, and took this decision for Bharat’s good, if you asked Bharat once, whether he accepts this…. She cries and says how much I know him till now, I don’t think he can stay happy by sending Ram to vanvaas, he will be hurt. Kaikeyi says you came to explain me to stop Ram from going for vanvaas and change my decision. Mandvi says I did not come to explain you, but to request you, if you spoke to Bharat once… everything has a reason, I don’t want coming time believes Bharat is the reason for Ram’s vanvaas, that Bharat is not loved, don’t make my husband a reason for all this. She cries and says I don’t want this Maa… She leaves running out from there.

Kaikeyi cries. Mantra says Kaushalya has sent Mandvi, she can’t see Bharat becoming king, she provoked Mandvi, if Ram stays in Ayodhya for much king, maybe Kaushalya can provoke Praja, if this happens, Praja will refuse to accept Bharat as king, this should not happen. Kaikeyi says this won’t happen, I won’t let this happen, Ram has to leave for exile today.

Kaikeyi goes to Dasharath’s Kaksh and says Ram……. Dasharath gets angry seeing her. He says you have ruined my vansh, no need to show any sympathy now. She says not sympathy, I came to remind my promises, I can’t wait for more time now. She says Ram… you have to leave for exile right away. Dasharath asks did you not hear what I said, I m not related to you, who permitted you to come here in my Kaksh. He calls guards and asks them to take away this woman and make her away from his sight. Ram asks Dasharath to calm down.

Ram stays composed…. And goes to Kaikeyi. He folds hands and says forgive me Maa, Dasharath is unwell, don’t feel bad of her words, I remember your promise, I will leave for exile today itself. Ram Ram…….plays…………… Kaikeyi looks on. Dasharath asks Ram to stop…. Ram leaves. Dasharath says no need to fulfill any promise given to this wicked woman, stop Ram….. he cries…..

Ram walks outside and stops seeing Sita. Sita cries and they walk to each other. Dohe kaval ek praan ki….. jahan ram hai wahin janki….. plays…………. Sita looks at him and he starts leaving. He stops as the cloth over his hand, gets stuck in her bangles. Sita and Ram see the connector…. She removes the cloth from her bangle.

Ram goes ahead. Sita cries. Later, Ram sits to change his Rajya Abhushan/clothes-jewelry. Sita looks on. The men remove Ram’s accessories. It gets painful for Sita to bear this sight. Guru Vashisht looks on with tearful eyes. Ordinary clothes come for Ram. Sita takes those and goes to Ram. The same song continues in BG. Guru Vashisht signs the men and they all leave from the Kaksh. They shut the door. Sita goes ahead to Ram and prepares him for vanvaas.

At Kaikeya, Bharat gets bad sensations. He says I feel restless since morning, as if something bad is going to happen, but what…. Sita tucks the plain clothes on Ram’s shoulder. She makes him wear simple beads accessories. Jahan Ram hai wahin janki…….plays….. Ram looks at her. Sita cries and does her duty towards Ram. Ram feels her pain.

Sita holds a beads necklace. Sita recalls putting garland around his neck in Mithila. She makes him wear beads necklace and earrings. She fixes his hair with the beads. Ram gets ready in vanvaas attire. He gets tearful and leaves from there. Sita cries. Ram walks out and she feels his each step making him go very far from her…..

Sita runs to Ram and stops him. He wipes her tears and says my wish is you happily send him. Sita says my wish is that I happily leave with you. Ram says I can’t permit you for this. She cries.

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