Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumanta coming alone in Sabhagrah. Guru Vashisht asks Sumanta, why did you come alone, why did Dasharath not come with you. Sumanta says Gurudev, Maharaj wants to talk to Ram and called Ram to him at the earliest. Rishi says its not right that prince goes leaving his place while rituals are incomplete. Ram says there is nothing bad for a son than not obeying a father’s command. He asks Guru Vashisht to permit him to get up from his place. Guru Vashisht nods. Ram looks at Sita. They both get up from the throne. Ram leaves from Sabhagrah, along with Sumanta. Sita thinks whats the matter that Dasharath called Ram like this, is there any problem.

Kaushalya tells Sumitra that Dasharath went to call Kaikeyi, and now he called Ram, is there any problem, shall we go and see. Sumitra says no, if he called just Ram, it won’t be right for us to go there. Kaushalya says what could be the reason, that he called Ram at Rajya Abhishek at time, when Dasharath was so eager and worried for mahurat passing. Laxman says its some enemy trying to attack us, this is the reason why Dasharath called Ram. Sumitra asks him to wait and let them some. Sita thinks they are worrying. Her sisters look on. Sita tells Kaushalya that I don’t think this worry is without any reason.

Kaushalya says this did not happen before Sita, Maharaj is very careful about mahurats and rituals, he was excited for this Rajya Abhishek, he wanted this to be done soon, its strange that he left and called Ram to him, he would know very well that mahurat is passing, this signs a big thing, my worry is increasing thinking this. Sita says worrying will not make worry away Mata, why should we think that whatever is happening will have bad result, when last time Dasharath met Guru Vashisht and called me and Ram, we were worried same way, but the result was good, then why to worry today, we will wait for their return. Everyone smile.

Ram walks with Sumanta. Mantra stops him on the way and cries, asking Ram to see what happened there. Ram proceeds. Mantra laughs. Sumanta says I will wait for you here Ram. Ram goes inside Kumbh Bhavan. He sees Kaikeyi in black clothes and says Maa. He sees Dasharath fallen on the ground and rushes to him. He makes Dasharath get up and asks him what happened. Dasharath says Ram….. Ram makes him rest and says I m infront of you, what is the matter, tell me, you are in this state….. Dasharath is unable to say anything. Ram asks Kaikeyi what happened to Dasharath, he asked me to come here to talk something imp, but he is in this state, did he get any mental stress, or did he get any bad news, is it about Bharat and Shatrughan in Kaikeya… Kaikeyi says don’t worry, they are fine. Ram asks then what is the reason. Kaikeyi says your father is in dilemma and is in Dharm Sankat to take a big decision, he is afraid that his decision won’t be liked by you, so he is acting to be weak, just you can bring him out of this bad state. Ram asks her to command.

Kaikeyi says Ram……. Your father gave me two Vardaan/wishes to thank me for my efforts, when its time to fulfill it, he is in dilemma and avoiding it, you know Dharm, one side is love for son and other side is promise, he is hanging on the rope of dilemma, but Ram… a son can fulfill a father’s promise, you can save your father from this sin, but I will tell you my promises when you promise me, that whether the matter is good or bad, you will obey it. Ram says its moment of pride for a son when he fulfills his father’s promises, my love for my father is not hidden from anyone, tell me your wishes Maa, your son Ram swears to fulfill it. She says right, you took an oath, now I will tell you what I asked from your father.

Kaikeyi says my first promise is my son Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king. She says my second wish is you stay in van for 14 years and reside there leaving all the luxuries. Ram gets teary eyed and looks at Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi says your father got blind in son’s love, he is staining Raghukul’s traditions by refusing to my promises, you can save him from Adharm by fulfilling my promises. Ram goes to Kaikeyi with a smile….. and holds her. (Superb expressions of Ram)

Ram calmly says just this little thing Maa….. and smiles. Dasharath gets shocked. Kaikeyi gets stunned seeing his calm and composed reaction.

(Raavan pops up after first break in every episode… LOL!! Ram’s scene got interrupted)

Raavan and Malyavaan start leaving from Daanavlok. Vidhyuthjeeva stops him and says it was your life’s foolish decision to come here, you can’t leave alive. Raavan says you are alive as I did not wish to kill you, don’t do any mistake that I change my decision. Vidyuthjeeva signs Daanavs to attack. Raavan fights with Daanavs. Raavan says you would have died like your soldiers, but you are my sister’s husband, I respect that relation. Vidhyuthjeeva says what relation you fool, I married your sister to kill you. Raavan turns to go. Vidyuthjeeva says I will kill you and make your sister my Daasi. Raavan says its good you said this, you ended all relations, now none can save you from dying by my hands. Vidyuthjeeva says I m ready to die, but not before killing you. He extends his tongue and Raavan puts some light from his sword. Viyuthjeeva runs to Raavan for attack and Raavan beheads him by his sword.

Kaikeyi cries and turns away. Ram says Maa… my most beloved brother Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, nothing can be more good than this for me, obeying father’s command is my Dharm, and Maa, fulfilling your wish is my duty and luck. Dasharath says Ram…… and extends hand…. Ram touches Kaikeyi’s feet and asks her to permit him with blessings to leave…… Kaikeyi halfhearted forwards hand and stops. Ram cries seeing this. He goes to Dasharath and touches his feet. Dasharath says my son Ram….. Ram turns to leave and walks away. Dasharath longs for Ram and cries. Kaikeyi looks on. Sad music plays……..

Ram comes back to Sabhagrah with Sumanta…. Everyone look on. Guru Vashisht asks Ram why did Dasharath not come with you. Ram gets teary red eyes…..

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