Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th March 2016 Written Episode

Munmun sitting alone,Kamini says what are u doing,our future is in dark do something, Raunak is with Kajal, munmun says enough mom, stop troubling me, Kamini says don’t forget he has married Kajal n he can even stay life long with her, munmun says mom I have raised my bars in front of Janki aunty but this Kajal I will ever forgive her for my insult,just wait n watch.

Raunak wakes up n says morning me n sees there isn’t Janki in his room n comes out n says Chachu where’s ma, Chachu says she is in her room, she hasn’t come out since last night, Raunak says I have to go see ma n walks to her room, Kamini n munmun see him walking to jankis room.

Raunak abt to knock, Janki says come in, Raunak says ma why didn’t u come to see me, are u still upset, plz forgive me, Kamini n munmun hide by door n listen, Raunak says ma our relation will never change come what may, my mornings aren’t complete without u,my marriage will never change these things, I can’t see u hurt, plz ma, all I did was just to save a life,Janki says I know that Raunak, u have a big heart, Raunak says Sakshi is Akshays daughter n this for him, Janki says I hope u never take such big step again, I am not upset just worried for u, Raunak says it’s fine ma,but ma I need a favour, Janki says what is it, Raunak says ma I have to stay In Indore for few days for Sakshi, Janki says how is that possible son, ur family work munmun all are here, how will u handle all this, Raunak says ma I can’t lie to Sakshi everyday, Janki says I can’t stay without u Raunak.

Kamini n munmun walk in, Janki says Kamini I allowed u home that doesn’t mean u enter like this, Kamini says ok, munmun says mom wait, aunty we need to talk to u.

Sakshi says ma it’s morning where is papa, when will he come, has he left us too, Kajal says no dear like I want u to be with me, same ways papas, mother wants him to be with her now finish milk cmon, Kajal hears Vinay shouting, Kajal says Sakshi u stay here I will be back.

Ashok says Vinay try n understand Neeti is t here may be due to some reason, Vinay says no I don’t believe p, she doesn’t care abt us, Kajal says Vinay stop all this, Vinay says plz don’t take her side n I have made a decision, I want no relation with that family, when I see Janki aunty I can’t control anger.

Munmun says aunty of u don’t feel bad may I say something, Janki says think twice before u say, munmun says Raunak who am I, Raunak says my fiance, munmun says thanks, that means I have right over u, Raunak says no only one person will ever have right over me n that’s my ma, munmun things some day that all rights will be mine, Janki says if ur done u may leave, munmun says aunty ipavtually I didn’t want Raunak to go Indore.

Raunak says I have to go Sakshi needs me, munmun says I am just thinking abt society n this family, everybody is already gossiping abt this family, I can’t bear that, Janki says munmun is right,munmun says if u all don’t mind I have an idea, Kamini says munmun let be Janki will handle it her way, Janki says tell me munmun.

Kajal says Vinay, Neeti is pregnant with ur child n u are thinking abt leaving her, vinay says that’s why she is still with us, Kajal says enough Vinay u can’t let Janki auntys nature, affect Neeti, don’t forget bcoz of Raunak sir Sakshi is safe, vinays ays n because of him Sakshi is in hospital, it’s all Janki aunty I can’t take that lady any more, so I will not marry Neeti n then will Janki aunty now what life problems are playing with people’s life is so bad n leaves in anger.

Ashok says Kajal, Vinay is wrong he can’t do this to Neeti n what will if Raunak gets to know abt this, all will be ruined, n a mess again, Vinay calls Neeti.

Munmun says get Sakshi n Kajal here n when she gets well they can go back Indore, jankis ays are u in ur senses, how will Raunak stay with u n Kajal,munmun says Raunak promised me he will marry me n aunty if Raunak goes Indore how will u handle things, Janki says ok let’s get Kajal here but this act also means Kajal n Raunak have to stay in one room n I will not accept that in any way.

Munmun says aunty in day we have no problem n at night Raunak can make some reasons like work n stay out, Janki says Raunak munmun is just scared after all she is a joke in society now n lets go with her idea, get Kajal her, Raunak says ok ma, munmun says Raunak come soon I will be waiting, Raunak leaves.

Munmun says aunty I am sorry If I crossed lines, Janki says one minute, I am not done, u have crossed ur line, u have some limits n have to stay within them, first thing when me n Raunak are talking no one is allowed n before sharing any idea to Raunak I shd no it n I will decide whether to share it or not n Kamini tell ur daughter n I still have contract n next time she does this I will have to make use of them n munmun next time u won’t, Kamini says no next time I will talk to her Janki.

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