Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd April 2016 Written Episode

Kajal prays to God n says I didn’t want to hurt Raunak sir but I had to act as if I doubt it so that the person who is eyeing on me will follow me to dhaba n I will find the culprit ,Kajal rights a letter to Raunak to meet her at dhaba n she is sure to find the burkha person there,Kajal takes blessings n turns around to see Janki standing, Janki looks at her n says what’s in ur hand Kajal, kajal says I’m busy n have no time for u,I am very busy, Vidhi comes n says Kajal u have to cook for everyone today it’s ur first rasoi, Janki says Vidhi she is busy let her go, we will do this rasoi ritual in evening n kajal mark my words ur food has to be very tasty,Vidhi says Kajal u got so caring mother in law.

Nishas husband walks in n says u here with ur boyfriends when I left all my work n here,u cheater, Vinay says look u taking us wrong,he slaps Vinay n says don’t interfere, u are having an affair with her n dare u point at me,Nisha says see u taking us wrong, he pulls nishas hair n says stay away from boys or else I will destroy u so badly that u will commit suicide.

Janki sees Harish n says Kajal is going to get cd n I want the recording,Harish says sure I will go right away, Kajal keeps the letter for Raunak in Sakshis story book thinking Raunak will reach to it n no one else. Janki finds Harish eating kachoris in kitchen n walks to him, n says u look so hungry right that u have left Kajal alone n here eating,Harish says sorry didi, I will go right away n leaves.

Sakshi looking at Kajal n smiling,Kajal smiles back n says I want ur help will u help me,Sakshi says yes ma,Kajal says ask papa to tell u stories from this book,Sakshi says ok ma,Kajal leaves.

Janki n Kajal in front of each other in hall giving cold looks,Janki walks away, Kajal sees Raunak upstairs in corridor n thinks I hope u get note n come to dhaba,Raunak thinks Kajal as usual u will do as u wish but police I’m against it,Kajal leaves mama following her,Janki calls him n says dare u miss Kajal n no nonsense I want full details n that video.

Raunak abt to leave see Ashok n Munshi,he welcomes them,Ashok says we are here to see Janki Devi n talk abt Neeti n Vinay,Raunak think god how will I follow Kajal now, n says plz come in.

Sanket calls Vinay n says I have no time for ur non sense I want money n if I don’t I will make hell out of ur life,n cuts call, Neeti calls him n realises Vinay is stressed n asks what’s wrong, Vinay says no nothing u tell, Neeti says ur papa n Munshi kaka are here n so u come home after office, Vinay says I have no time for all this I’m very busy bye.

Kajal Reaches dhaba, mama following her,Kajal meets the owner n try convince him to give her video. Janki asks Panditji when’s Shubh muhurath, Sakshi comes there n happy to see her nanu n dadu n says I miss u both a lot,Munshi asks where’s Kajal,Janki says Kajal is out she will be here soon, Raunak do u know by what time she will be here.

Mamaji hiding behind fence n trying to hear what’s Kajal saying, he calls Janki, Janki excuses all n goes aside, mama says didi this Kajal is chatting with owner, Janki says u stupid call me when something important .

Sakshi starts coughing,Raunak says Sakshi cmon sit down u need to rest, Munshi says here Sakshi have water, Raunak says come its medicine time,Sakshi says nanu n dadu don’t go I will come soon,Sakshi n Raunak leave.

Kajal says bhaiya I promise police won’t bother u plz give me footage, he says sorry I can’t , Kajal disheartedly walking away n thinking God plz help me I can’t loose now,owner stops her n says I will give u footage but promise me u won’t come here back,Kajal says never,he says ok stay here I will get u video,mama says I have to get the cd before Kajal how can I get it,owner goes to get the footage n copies it,mama looking at Kajal someone hits on his head n he faints, it’s the burkha person who hit mama, Kajal thinking when will Raunak sir Arrive here.

Pre cap: burkha person attacking the owner n Kajal hears some noise n walks in to see the attack.

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